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- 2016 Holiday Party -

Studio Velo Proudly Celebrates Another Incredible Year!




For nearly 10 years, we have celebrated together over fine food, wine and beer. You have helped us build our business and as such we like to reciprocate by throwing a holiday party.

As we all venture into the relatively unknown world in 2017, however, Studio Velo has decided to put our annual party budget towards improving our world, both locally and abroad. By focusing on community, by protecting our environment and by giving to those in need, we believe we can advance the common good and make the world a better place.  




We will dedicate $5,000 of our holiday party budget towards two (2) important non-profits close to our community and to our hearts: MCBC and dZi Foundation both empower people by improving communities. We invite you to join us in this effort. For the month of December we will match total donations up to $2,500 for each of these remarkable organizations. 


MCBC is the leading advocacy group for bicycle safety and access in Marin County. You experience MCBC's impact every time you ride Marin's exceptional roads, trails, and multi-use pathways. MCBC works tirelessly to improve the experience of all cyclists in Marin, from the wide-eyed kid who has just experienced the freedom of riding for the first time, all the way up to the many professional cyclists who call Marin home.


Please help us support MCBC by donating HERE





The dZi Foundation works in partnership with nearly 30,000 people in the most remote communities of Nepal. Like the best, most effective non-profits, the dZi Foundation tailors strategies and programs to best suit the needs of each community.




Studio Velo is proud to have been a partner of the dZi Foundation for the past 7 years, even racing for the dZi cycling team in France 4 summers ago.


Please help us support the dZi Foundation by donating HERE





Though we will not be having our annual party this year, we look forward to seeing you this holiday season! Please stop by the shop or join a weekly Wednesday night and/or Sunday morning ride, and allow us to thank you personally for your continued support of our small business.