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Summer Colors

- Studio Velo Apparel -

 by Aaron Allen



Our effort to curate the best apparel selection around has been a labor of love and we’ve gained some great partners in the effort. Our standards for offering an apparel brand are very high: each brand needs to offer exceptional fit and comfort, technical materials with purpose, and stringent quality of construction. After all that, it has to look good. We also work hard to have offerings for all body types, as well as individual preferences for fit and looks. The result is an unparalleled selection of the best cycling apparel.



First and foremost, our core apparel partner, ASSOS, has set the benchmark for premium technical cycling apparel for decades. The current line of bib shorts from ASSOS is once again a cut above the competition. The top of the line Campionissimo bib short and jersey combo is stunning in appearance, design and function ... as we’ve come to expect from our Swiss friends. The best selling Cento line has also been revamped a bit and we’re extremely happy with its fit, form, and function. If you haven’t ridden in ASSOS, you’re truly missing out. Come let us show you why.



MAAP, our partner from Australia, has come up with some designs that are truly driving aesthetic trends in the industry. The leading color combos and quality of the apparel are outstanding. MAAP is made in Italy with top-level materials and each jersey is carefully designed with a unique function in mind. For example, the M-Flag Pro Light jersey, one of our favorites, uses an extremely light and breathable fabric with “Cold Black” technology, which helps reflect heat from the sun. MAAP continues to release new products and our latest selections tend to go rather quickly so be sure to keep an eye on the shelves down here at SV!



Velocio continues to refine fit and function on one of the smartest women’s bib shorts on the market. Velocio’s fit and unique solution to the age-old bib/bathroom struggle make them a true leader in women’s cycling apparel. We primarily focus their women’s line and also carefully selected pieces from the men’s line. As with the other brands, materials, fit, construction, and function are all top level.



Kitsbow is our mountain bike apparel brand of choice. To say we’re fans would be an understatement. This company set the standard for premium mountain bike apparel and their lifestyle pieces can be found in each of our closets at home. Kitsbow is based in Petaluma and a great deal of their products are made locally. As a company, they are very community-focused. In fact, you’re likely to run into them at a number of Studio Velo rides and events, as well as on the trails here in Marin and Sonoma Counties.



We truly have a world-class apparel selection. We highly value having the best apparel and are here to provide that for you. Come have a look!