Riding in the rain & new product launch at Studio Velo

Riding in the rain should be safe & fun!
Let it rain!
Old man winter has finally hit the West Coast and we are loving it!  Don't let the rain retard your fitness, get the right gear, follow safe riding protocol and enjoy the quiet roads and trails of Marin.

We have all NEW items from Capo, Rapha, Assos, among other premier cycling brands that will help you prepare for the winter riding conditions.

In this week's email, we want to give you the best advise & product suggestions to ride safely and happily this winter.

Additionally,  we are excited to announce an exciting new product, for which we will do a launch event/ride this week. See below for details.

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Winter Riding Gear!
We have new gear arriving daily!  From toe covers to winter caps, base layers to thermal jackets, wool socks to winter vests,  we have everything you need to stay protected from the harsh elements this winter.
Cliiiimb Product Launch & Ride
Are you looking for something fun to do this weekend?  Do you want to experience a fun, safe way to check your Strava segments, heart rate, cadence or power zones in real time without having to constantly watch your Garmin?  We have the answer.  Very exciting!!!
On November 22nd and 23rd, this Friday & Saturday,  Studio Velo will host the official Cliiiimb product launch right here at Studio Velo, using the local trails and roads to demonstrate its benefits to you!
4iiii Innovations announces Cliiiimb. Cliiiimb is an innovative combination of wearable technology and a compelling iPhone app that brings real-time KOM data to Strava users when they need it
most: during their segment, not after.

Check out this video link to learn more about the Cliiiimb real-time audio and visual feedback.

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Ride & Event details
Bring your bikes this Friday and Saturday, the 22nd & 23rd, and be some of the first to test drive the hardware!

Where: Studio Velo

When: Friday and Saturday from 10am-5pm 
(Studio Velo will do a ride on Friday at 3pm. 2-hour segment ride)
BONUS: Join us Friday after 5pm for pizza and beer at Studio Velo

Meet some of the 4iiii team and we also have some great prizes to giveaway!

divider2.gifWinter Riding Tips:
- Dress properly to stay warm & dry. More than ever, dressing in layers is the best defense. Start with a warm base layer (we highly recommend the Rapha Merino Wool (in store) or the Assos Skinfoil Long-Sleeve); follow with either lightweight tights or leg warmers, a lightweight  long-sleeve jersey or short-sleeve jersey with arm warmers; finish with a true, breathable rain jacket.

- Wear clear lenses. Visibility is paramount to your safety.  Use or purchase clear or Photochromic lenses, depending on your preference. Both Rudy & Assos make some of the best lenses on the market. Both in store now!

- Slow down & look for hazards. Two (2) of the biggest hazards on the road are rainbow patches and potholes (which this time of year are puddles!).  Slow down on the descents and corners, avoid puddles and oil on the road and think of the same common-sense practices you use in your car.  For you mountain bikers, enjoy the tacky terrain for the first time of the year, but try to avoid trails that hold considerable water. Preserving the trail conditions for great dry weather starts with avoiding some trails now.

- Use lights & stay visible. There is no excuse for not being seen. Your primary goal this time of year is to be seen by all.  Don't be fooled by the belief that if you can see the car, it can see you. A common mistake, many riders think they can get away with reflective pipping on their clothing for the end-of-day ride commute or late spin. Use front and rear lights, like those made by Light & Motion and high-vis gear from brands like Capo who recently launched some of the best visible riding gear on the market.
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