Going to the Prom

This Saturday is the Leadville 100, ranked by many elite riders as their hardest day on a bike (ask Levi).

Getting ready for Leadville is a lot like going to the Prom… again. 

How do you like my tux? 

How do you like my tux?

It’s not too long ago that many of us agonized or perhaps celebrated the coming of our Senior Prom night.  Back in the day, the Senior Prom was a big deal, whether you were totally excited about it or not. Do you remember all the things you needed to do to get ready; all the time you spent talking with your friends about what to wear, who you were going with and what car  or mode of transportation you were going to take; and, most importantly,  all the time thinking about how the night would end… clearly the most important?  

While riding around some fun single-track here in Breckenridge this week, preparing for what might be the hardest single-day’s effort on a bike, we  realized that preparing for the Leadville 100 mountain bike race is a lot like preparing for the Senior Prom.

While agonizing over what to bring to Leadville, we realized that preparing for a one day race has never been so difficult.  Sound familiar?  What to wear, what not to wear?  What will happen, what won’t the night (day) of the big event?  Even if your gear selection only makes a one percent difference in your performance over the entire day, that’s over 5 minutes of time on the course. Is that the difference between the small buckle or the Gold & Silver bucket, the coveted sub 9-hour prize we are here to achieve.   


Will what you wear (or how you look) help you when you need it most, ie. the moment.  Having a great rental tux the night of the prom did not ensure me a fruitful outcome. Or did it?

So, one may say, why sweat the small stuff?  It’s not about the tuxedo or the dress, but rather how one gets to the prom that will make all the difference. Or does it?  I rolled up in Chevy Nova, after having crashed my sister’s VW the morning of the prom.  Did picking up my date in a Chevy change the course of the evening? Let’s just say I didn’t get the big buckle.

In the subsequent posts, CH and I will cover some of the more important details in length: the bikes we chose, the socks we will wear, the tires we love, so on and so forth. Pictures and video will follow too. Stay tuned.


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