Home-made Waffles - Belgium Style

Today we were graced by a dozen sweet cross bikes from Ridley Bicycles. On the morning agenda was a cross ride on Mt. Tam & demo event day back at Studio Velo, and, most importantly, a nice post-ride meal prepared by our very own Chef Ritchie. The meal of the day was obvious : Belgium Waffles -- Brussels style (not Liege the other famed style of Belgian waffles).  

Josh killing the waffles

For any new, traditional dish, our chef does his research.  When we first asked Ritchie to prepare Belgian waffles, his first question: Which kind?  Belgian of course, it's a We are Belgium event.  But, as you pointed out, there are many types of Belgium waffles, the two most common being from  Brussels and Liege.  

Unlike our typical experience with oversized, pre-made Waffles found at fairs & farmers markets, a true Belgium waffle is thin, light, and yeasty (in a good way). Crispy on the outside, but hot and moist on the inside --- thanks to the excessive use of butter-- these road-side 'pastries' were seriously delicious and the perfect post-ride meal.

Evidence of a real cross ride

While there was not much mud to be found on the arid trails of Mt. Tam, Hobbs of course found some nice, mucky mud on our return via the 'passage du gois' -- our hidden (and many times under water) bike path through Tennessee Valley. The day's ride was shorter than usual, but after about 90 minutes of riding, we had a chance to try some dismounts and remounts.  Some of us, and I wont' name names, had a lengthy dismount on the way down Corte Madera Ridge.  


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