Can't they use a better box?

Can’t they make a better box? 

Recently, an unusually large delivery of frames arrived to our door. It was like Christmas.  As the cycling season gets underway, we here at Studio Velo begin to take delivery of select 2012 floor models from each of our production frame companies:  Time, Ridley, Yeti, Ellsworth, Pivot and even some Fast Forward, stock Guru models, begin to trickle in. Unlike most cycling retailers, our selection of models and brands is limited, selecting only the most discerning models and sizes that most represent each brand’s strongest offerings.  As a truly independent bicycle retailer, we pride ourselves on selling only the bikes that deliver true quality and value to our clients. We don’t sell the most popular and at times the most sexy, but we do sell the best, hands down, the very best in quality of  craftsmanship and ride.

 What caught my eye as I pulled out each frame from the standard and relatively plain brown shipping boxes, was the exquisite wrapping and padding each frame received from the factory. More importantly, as I peeled off one layer after the next until I arrived to the naked frame itself, I was shocked at how detailed and meticulously wrapped the frames were.  Not knowing which frame was inside the box and under the cover of all this bubble wrap and padding, I figured it must have been the new Time Fluidity, which has been the much awaited bike for 2012.

 And it was indeed. Time frames, arguably the world’s finest, hand-made frames built without compromise in France, arrive to us –and thus our clients—absolutely perfect. And they should.  I pulled out the first of 4 frames and sure enough the frames were without flaw or imperfections.

Like every previous season, these Time frames arrived to our door absent of chips, scratches, and blemishes. Frankly, it’s hard to put on paper what this means to me and our shop when we see brands like Time commit to absolute perfection in their frames. It’s truly refreshing and helps remind me what it means to pay craftsman fair wages in world-class, environmentally responsible manufacturing facilities. Products that come from Europe might be expensive – as are products from the  US—but like the old adage, you get what you pay for. A Time Bicycle frame from its packaging to its finish, from its shapes to its ride quality, from its performance and its every detail, deliveries what most brands cannot. 

Intrigued to learn more about how Time frames deliver much more than just the perfect finish and beautiful lines?  Come by the shop anytime to see (and ride) one of these beauties. You won’t be disappointed.

 Looking for more instant gratification? Check out this in-depth look at Time Bicycles, reviewed by Peloton Magazine: 




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