A New Season, A New or Improved Bicycle Fit!






Spring is upon us, and as the days get longer and everyone is increasing their mileage, it is important to reevaluate your fit. Comfort, performance, efficiency, and power - a proper fit on your bike will improve your ride whether you are an elite cyclist or out for a casual Sunday ride. Studio Velo offers a unique approach to fitting; we are one of a few places in the country using the Guru DFU in conjunction with the ReTül fit system to get the most objective fit available.

“We put the body first,” says fit master Colin, “we optimize the bike for you instead of conforming you to your bike.” If you are interested in buying a new bike getting fit on the DFU will establish the ideal dimensions without the limitations of an existing frame.  Getting fit on the DFU also makes it incredibly easy to try different handlebars and saddles. 

 We utilize the ReTül fit capture system designed specifically for collecting the most accurate and realistic data for achieving optimal muscle recruitment and preventing injury. Through the spin scan analysis we can measure your efficiency of stroke and improve your power.

 Last week André Carriao, Brazilian Pro rider for Simple Green, was fitted on the DFU, "Now the results will be different." He posted to Studio Velo. As a pro rider he had experienced many fitting processes and found his session with Colin to be incomparable. 


 The heart of the Studio Velo is the fit shop because we pride ourselves, not only building incredible custom bikes, but also in creating the best possible ride for each individual. Contact Colin at Studio Velo if you have any questions:

colin@studiovelocycling.com or p: (415) 407 8960.



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