Elevating style and function; the New Grand Tour Shoe from Rapha.

“Simple, classic and comfortable.” Dan McCarthy stated, “I love them.” We have come to expect the highest quality from Rapha; the ultimate in both style and functionality, and the new Grand Tour Shoes are no exception.

“It fits like a glove,” said Tyler Comann as he tightened his new Rapha Grand Tour shoe. “It is amazing the feel of a real leather shoe.” The Grand Tour Shoes boast exclusive hand cut uppers made of Yak leather and are truly unique in their fit. Like the Yaks they come from, the leather has the qualities necessary to survive in harsh conditions: competitive water resistance, outstanding tensile strength and breathability.

 The shoes are incredibly durable, lightweight and will wear nicely, becoming more comfortable with time. "The leather is beautiful," said David Lorsch. Finally, the uppers are treated with water and stain repellency so they are easy to maintain and will stay as striking as when you first bought them.

The Grand Tour Shoes feature the special edition Easton® EC90 carbon sole. The EC90 carbon soles offer unbeatable connection with the pedal and premium stiffness.

The classic subtleness of the shoe has huge appeal. “I am mesmerized by the idea of riding without a huge brand on my foot,” said Comann. While clearly a Rapha product the Grand Tour Shoes are not overly branded with a couple small stitched tags on the same color background.The look is clean but they certainly make a statement.


This shoes adds a whole new dimension as far as what is expected in a cycling shoe. Don’t believe us? Come in and put one on your foot and experience it for yourself.


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