Riding race wheels daily

Lately, we have been selling many a race wheel to the serious recreational cyclist. Is this poor form, you ask?  Do riders really need aero wheels if they can't maintain an average of 18 mile per hour most of the time? 

We don't think so. While we don't totally embrace the use of tubular race wheels for everyday riding, especially here in Marin County where the roads are less than third world, we think a tubeless or clincher aero wheelset has some serious advantages.  And most important are fun to ride. 

The Mavic Cosmic Carbon SLR, one of our favorite deep-dish, clinchers, stands high above all other wheels in the aero, sub 60mm depth class.

Here is why: The Cosmic Carbone SLR is the first aerodynamic clincher Wheel-Tire System. These wheels pair up with a light-weight and highly efficient rolling system (tire), offering many a benefit on the road and on the race course. The exclusive Exalith technology enhances the braking efficiency and the overall look, matching nicely with any stealth bummer.

A few key benefits that you will want to remember:  

The Wheel-Tire combination comes with the front GripLink & rear PowerLink tire, both slick looking while offering high performance and thus far (more than 750 miles) puncture protection. 
The Exalith braking is improved in both wet and dry conditions and have a distinctive full black finish. 
I can emphasize enough how much better these wheels stop in both conditions. Think, the first time you road a disc brake mtb after years of hand fatigue. While the braking is not that much better, it does contrast the standard alloy braking surface combined with the standard brake pad.

The aerodynamics of these wheels speak for themselves. Though not the lightest 50+mm wheels on the market, the Cosmic Carbon SLR roll fast and sound fast!  
I liken it to a spaceship taking off.

With 52 mm elliptical rims and integrated aero spokes, which reduces frontal drag, the 
profiled hub caps provide low frontal drag and a stylish and clean finish on any bike

At under 1595 grams with 12k carbon flanges on superlight alloy rims, coupled with carbon spokes that you can true, this wheelset is hard to pass up.  Think fast, durable and easy to true. A true 1,2, 3 punch in a category where normally 2 out of 3 is the best combination. 

Come ride a pair anytime at Studio Velo. 


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