Waffles on the Road?


What are the guys in the pit eating while they ride? Honey Stinger Waffles and Chews. Why? 

Taste - for a lot of cyclist it’s hard to consume enough calories to sustain you. It is much easier to remember to eat when you have something tasty to look forward to. “What sets Honey Stinger apart is the real food taste,” says Chef Ritchie. The waffles inspired by the delicious European snack and transformed into an energy packed fuel, are delicious and a far cry from the typical dry energy bar.

Organically made, gluten and dairy free Honey Stinger products are a guilt free energy source. Simply produced and easy for your body to turn into energy - Honey Stinger is softer on the stomach.

The chews consistency is actually less chewy and easy to get down while still pedaling.  A small brand alternative conceived in partnership with Lance Armstrong Honey Stinger is a product that will not disappoint. 


We were first introduced to the Honey Stinger brand when owner and founder, Scott Penzarella, was training for Leadville 100, see blog HERE!

Used and loved by some of the top cyclists in the world Honey Stinger embodies our commitment to quality. Understanding the important balance between taste and performance is imperative when it comes to nutritionals and we think Honey Stinger nailed it. 




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