Osmo: The Science of Hydration

Hydration has long been understood as an integral part of performance, endurance, and recovery; however, new brands such as Skratch Labs and now Osmo Nutrition are taking hydration to an unprecedented level. Osmo, created by Dr. Stacy Sims, a Stanford University sports physiologist, and athlete herself, is designed to help regulate your body’s internal temperature and keep athletes cooler longer. Sims is one of the nation’s leading authorities on thermoregulation and has tested her product on top endurance athletes.  

Based on peer-reviewed science and tested on athletes who are training in heat and high intensity environments, Osmo is truly making a wave in the hydration business. The Osmo team has developed four different drinks for the specific needs of the body before, during, immediately post, and nightly recovery. Made with natural and organic ingredients and refreshingly good tasting, the hype about Osmo is well deserved.  

 The active hydration system is designed to ensure rapid fluid absorption, delay fatigue, boost endurance, reduce cramping and maximize cardiovascular efficiency. Check out the Osmo site, http://osmonutrition.com/science and find videos about how to utilize their different hydration mixes for increased results.

We are excited to be sampling Osmo in our shop this week. If you are looking for a way in to increase your overall performance and strength, this could be it.

**Also available online click HERE to view the product.


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