Riding the "Tour de France" with our Pro Craig Lewis

What would it be like to compete in the Tour de France? Whether one is a casual or serious rider, we all have had that dream as we watch the best in the world compete on the cycling world's center stage. Unfortunately for most of us the chance to compete in that arena is only left to dreams.

My dream, and those of my four amateur teammates, was realized this summer as we were invited  to compete in Les Trois Etapes a grueling three stage race in the French Alps consisting of 10 six person teams ( five amateur and one pro ) racing for a sponsored charity.

Our challenge would be to race some of the classic Alpine climbs of the Tour de France including Col de la Croix de Fer, Col du Telegraphe, Col du Galibier, Alpe d'Huez and Col de la Madeleine. In three days we would cover more than 200 miles and climb over 25000 feet. Each team would have its own support car with a two person crew, team radios and complimentary masseurs. To enhance the experience there would be rolling road closures and television camera crews to record the event.

Our team consisted of five Studio Velo riders: Scott Penzarella, Thomas Newmeyer, Craig Parker, Chris Maddox and myself.

Our assigned pro would be Craig Lewis, member of Columbia HTC that won the team time trial in the 2011 Giro di Italia, who currently races for Champion Systems

Our story is as much about our adventure as it is about doing something amazing on the bike for ourselves and our friends in Nepal. We hope you enjoy the read. This is a multi-part blog, with more content and photos coming daily. 

Enjoy our Endless Ascent. 


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