Studio Velo's new digs.

Many of you have been to our new store in Downtown Mill Valley.  While only 4.1 miles away from our old store, things are really starting to look up. For those of you who have not been to our new store or who follow us from afar, we'd like to share a few photos of our new space.  Here is a peak at the new, larger, retail store. Enjoy.

The entrance is the most impressive. A selection of our favorite partner brands t-shirts and jerseys, Rapha & Rapha, below our latest bespoke work of art. Currently we are showing off a De Rosa King with full Record and a pair of lightweight MadFiber wheels. This is a dream bike worthy of its front and center location.... at least until the next lust machine is on dispaly here. 


As one walks around the stunning front display (designed by the way by a friend who also designed our cafe, The Station, in SF) you will encounter our uniquely designed and painted "cash wrap." This is where all of our nutritional and small accessories live. Tightly organized, this display allows our clients to walk on either side of the store, but see the same products, as they are mirrored from side to side. 


On the north side of the room, lives our three bike brand areas, currently outfitted with bike from Guru, Time, & Independent Fabrication. The wall begins with a custom area for our friends at lifestyle apparel brand, Taylor Stitch and the followed by a wall display of our favor wheels. You can see further down the wall begins our main clothing area, with the best in the business showing off their bibs, jerseys, vests and more. You won't be disappointed with the selection from Capo, Rapha, and Giordona, three of the world's top cycling apparel brands. 


No pro shop is complete, however, without a nice selection of the world's finest mountain bikes. From Pivot to Ellsworth, Yeti to Independent Fabrication, we firmly believe Studio Velo offers the best mountain bikes on the market today. Whether you are looking for a lightweight, race-ready 29er, like my 22lb Ti Indy Fab 29er raced in Leadville and beyond, or a carbon suspension bike from Pivot, Ellsworth or Yeti, we honestly believe our years of racing and riding show their colors in Studio Velo's mountain bike line up.  We live and breath mountain bikes like no other.


The BOH (Back of the House) is filled with a bunch of good looking technicians and bike fitters. Above is our head mechanic Josh working his magic on a wheel repair. Equipped with the finest tools in the industry, no repair is too complex for our crew of techs. 


No pro shop is complete without the latest in bicycle fit technology and a place to do it. And no technology or fit system is worth a penny without a skilled professional leading the process in a dedicated fit area. Studio Velo is proud to have two professionally trained and skilled bicycle fitters. Come see why years of professional racing and thousands of bicycle fittings ensure the most comprehensive fitting in the Bay Area.


To experience the best of Studio Velo, however, is to experience its staff. We are so proud of our staff and hope you too get a chance to meet some of the most professional, friendly, intelligent and passionate industry experts in the world at our new home soon. 


Come see us.  


31 Miller Ave

Mill Valley, CA 94941



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