Congratulations and Welcome to the Transpyr 2013!

Upon reading these words my preparation for this summer's main event has begun!  Scott and I will be representing Studio Velo, and the United States, at the 2013 Transpyr,  the epic 8-day mountain bike stage race in northern Spain.  We will be racing across Spain, from Roses, on the Mediterranean, to San Sebastian, the west coast town on the Atlantic. 

This will be the single most challenging physical event I have undertaken to date.  The ride will total out at 820km, racing distances ranging from 85 to 130 km each day.  We will accumulate a total of over 20,000 meters of ascent (that's well over 60,000 feet of climbing on a mountain bike).  To put that into perspective, a pine mountain loop, my local "long" mountain bike ride is about 50km and 1100 meters of climbing.  This is usually a pretty good day out on the bike, resulting in some tired legs and a hungry belly.  Well, that rides will turn into one of my daily training loops. 

How does one begin to prepare for something like this?  Let's find out together.  Over the next 6 months I will be making regular posts on our training plans and progress.  I will talk about training, resting, eating, and gearing, among many other aspects of this forthcoming racing adventure.  I am so excited to be back into the competitive mindset and this blog will culminate with daily live updates while in Spain, with results and reflections from each day's race. 

For now, I'll be focusing on one day at a time, getting the miles up, keeping the body healthy and fresh.  I will be participating in a few tune up races and rides along the way as well, including the awesome opportunity to join the SV team in Maui this winter for a training camp.  Join us for the  race of a lifetime and all that it takes to get there. 





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