A small semblance of tradition in our fast-paced world: Brooks England, LTD

Recently on a flight to Denver, CO, I sat quite relaxed behind the elegant pros of the Forth Edition of The Bugle publication.  For those of you who have never purchased a Brooks England, LTD, product, it’s insightful to know that with every Brooks product purchase comes an extremely well-written, curiously interesting “newspaper” on the culture, events, travel, and bicycle products surrounding the traditional, truly unique brand most notable for its hand-made leather saddles.

I recently purchased a new Brook England bag, the strangely affordable commuter bag, the Pickwick Backpack, which I have been using nearly every day for the past 2 months.  While reading the latest edition of the 2012 Edition of The Bugle, I was reminded at how important Brooks England, LTD, and other brands like it, are to our brand, Studio Velo.  In this fast-paced, mass-produced market world of cycling, it’s rare to wear, carry or ride something of style, quality and uniqueness. “Smelling Leather” was the title of one of the article in this latest edition and it really touched me.


Think about your daily routine; the moments in your day that truly, wholeheartedly stop you in your tracks; moments that remind you how some things in life make your life better, richer with every use or experience. When I walk into The Station, our café & retail store in San Francisco, for example, I smell the wonderful aromas of fresh Panini, the recently roasted Blue Bottle Coffee beans and the – don’t’ tell my wife—the seductive perfumes on the professional women executive on her way to work. These are unique, pleasurable experiences in every sense of the word.


Believe it or not, this is exactly the sensation I get when I strap my new Brooks commuter bag to my back. It’s actually happens before I throw it over my shoulder in the morning. It’s the feeling I get when I grab the brushed canvas in my hands, lock the top leather strap into place and synch down the chest strap securely in place for my 3.5 miles commuter to work.  It’s the experience of securing something of the upmost quality to my body, evoking strange sensory emotions unlike most everything else that occurs in my day.

Brooks bags – like most of their products-- exemplify how years of tradition, years of guardianship, i.e. producing products in England by hand, by true artisans, leaves its mark on users like me.  From the The Bugle publication to the products themselves, Brooks has touched me in a way nothing has in quite sometime. The glorious past of the brand, its 144 years of making products in West Midlands, England, offers a small semblance of slower days before us now. 


My flight seems just that much shorter…. 


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