Destination: Hawaii -- a look back at what makes SV:Travel such a treat... for me

“Do I have everything? I think so. In a cab and off to the airport I go.  Tickets, security, on the plane, grab a nap.  Wake up suddenly; “Shit!”  “I forgot my tongs!”


And thus starts the 2013 season of SV:Travel.  Destination: Hawaii.  Specifically Maui, to fuel (day and night), support (…day and night) and motivate guests to do things they never thought possible on a bike.

Five days of working from two hours before the sun rises, cooking breakfast, cleaning, cooking lunch, cleaning, hit the road all day, head to the local markets, prepare a recovery spread, cleaning, prepare and serve dinner, cleaning, prepare dessert, cleaning and more cleaning until long after the sun has set. Cold beer, shower, cold beer, bed.  “Is my alarm set?” Check twice more.

Sounds glamorous, right???

This is what we do.  Why would anyone do this you ask?  The explanation is so simple it’s scary.  We do this, well, because we love to. I love to cook. I love to ride my bike.  The Studio Velo boys and girls love to eat. They love to ride. And they love to travel. We are a match made in heaven.


We have the opportunity to travel the world, see amazing sights, meet amazing people and ride our bikes on life-changing journeys with our newfound SV family members.  Why wouldn’t we want to do this?  You, the client, make it possible and it is so rewarding in so many ways.  That is what outweighs all the effort put forth.  Each day my favorite recipe is created.  Great food, great wine and great people.  With these three ingredients, my brother, a few special guides and a great road ahead……well, that is how we at SV:Travel make the magic happen.  Plus, I hear the food isn’t half bad. J

I don’t want to sound like I am bragging or give away too much of what we do on these trips, but if you want a couple of cool guys to work super hard to ensure you have a truly unique and amazing cycling adventure, dare I say life changing again, sign up for one of our epic journeys.  You will be glad you did.  But please don’t take our word for it, ask those who have gone before you as they are the testament to what do.


Look forward to making a memory with you.


Chef Chris Dressick 

GM The Station SF/Studio Velo Chef 


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