Studio Velo on an “Endless Ascent” to Improve Lives in Nepal

For the second year, Scott Penzarella will lead a U.S. team of cyclists on an “Endless Ascent” in the famous French Alps. This time around, their challenge will be the four-day charity pro-am race called The Trois Etapes, starting July 26 in Orelle, France.


The idea behind an “Endless Ascent” was created in 2010 when famed alpinist Will Gadd tackled an Everest-sized ice-climbing marathon – introducing the idea of a physical challenge that helps the non-profit dZi Foundation draw awareness to the needs of underserved, remote communities in Nepal.

The Trois Etapes is a pro-am race through the most iconic mountain routes of the Tour de France, and is on track to raise more than $2 million for charities around the world, including the dZi Foundation.


“For me, the Endless Ascent is about connecting cyclists to our passion, our community and the world,” said Penzarella. “It’s not just about challenging yourself to do the impossible. It’s about working to your limit to support those who need our help in every corner of the world.”

A Cat 2 competitive cyclist, Penzarella started Studio Velo in 2003 based on three core values: passion, precision and performance. “The ideas behind both The Trois Etapes and an Endless Ascent are very much why we started Studio Velo in the first place. It’s our way of celebrating the beauty and athleticism of the sport of cycling while shining a spotlight on the fantastic charitable organizations involved.”


The idea of an Endless Ascent is bigger than dZi or the Trois Etapes, however. “Our goal is not just to raise money for our Deep Development work in Nepal, although that’s certainly needed,” added dZi co-founder and president Jim Nowak. “Partnering cycling with charity is just one of the dramatic ways we can draw support for underserved communities to make a positive difference.”

Learn more and find out how to donate to the U.S. dZi Foundation team as they compete against the U.K. dZi Foundation team and 12 other pro-am teams at


  • Scott, Nicely done, great job capturing the spirit of the Endless Ascent, go SV and dZI . JIM

    Posted by Jim Nowak on May 17, 2013

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