Elevating style and function; the New Grand Tour Shoe from Rapha.

“Simple, classic and comfortable.” Dan McCarthy stated, “I love them.” We have come to expect the highest quality from Rapha; the ultimate in both style and functionality, and the new Grand Tour Shoes are no exception.

“It fits like a glove,” said Tyler Comann as he tightened his new Rapha Grand Tour shoe. “It is amazing the feel of a real leather shoe.” The Grand Tour Shoes boast exclusive hand cut uppers made of Yak leather and are truly unique in their fit. Like the Yaks they come from, the leather has the qualities necessary to survive in harsh conditions: competitive water resistance, outstanding tensile strength and breathability.

 The shoes are incredibly durable, lightweight and will wear nicely, becoming more comfortable with time. "The leather is beautiful," said David Lorsch. Finally, the uppers are treated with water and stain repellency so they are easy to maintain and will stay as striking as when you first bought them.

The Grand Tour Shoes feature the special edition Easton® EC90 carbon sole. The EC90 carbon soles offer unbeatable connection with the pedal and premium stiffness.

The classic subtleness of the shoe has huge appeal. “I am mesmerized by the idea of riding without a huge brand on my foot,” said Comann. While clearly a Rapha product the Grand Tour Shoes are not overly branded with a couple small stitched tags on the same color background.The look is clean but they certainly make a statement.


This shoes adds a whole new dimension as far as what is expected in a cycling shoe. Don’t believe us? Come in and put one on your foot and experience it for yourself.

An Italian and French Fashion Statement; BK's Cyfac Absolu



Taking a ride on Bill Keller's custom Cyfac Absolu EPS the first notable experience is the actual tactile feeling inside the shift levers.  It's not just like pushing a button on your TV; the Campy EPS has the feel and sound of real shift. During the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to build bikes with all three of the available Electronic shifting gruppos: Ultegra Di2, installed on my new Ridley Noah;  Dura Ace Di2, installed on an Independent Fabrication TI factory lightweight;  and most recently, Campagnolo's new flagship, EPS Record, on Keller's custom Cyfac Absolu.  

I have come to love Shimano's electric set up, and whether you are dealing with the Ultegra or Dura Ace versions, it is a pleasure to install and operate.  Shimano has taken their tried and true product, and improved it drastically. Up until the Campy EPS Record it was hard to imagine how a modern, 10-sp or 11-speed drivetrain could realistically be better.

Before I dive into the sea of boxes and packing materials, one of my favorite parts of a new bike build is taking a moment to notice the complete gruppo as it comes from the factory.  It is interesting to note how each company packages their product; the size and shape of the box, the labeling and designs used, and the colors and images on the outside.  These things all say something about the product inside.  Staring at the the glossy black boxes on my bench I feel an anticipation akin to Christmas morning. I read the words RECORD 11EPS; this build I am an elf and Bill Keller is the awestruck kid, and Campy Dan is Santa Clause.




Bill is a long-time Campagnolo user.  His previous 10 speed has lasted a decade, and he has come to love and appreciate the things that make a Campy bike special.  Like all of us, he knew in theory what was coming for him. But the reality was, none of us really knew how this bike was going to turn out.  The combination of a fully custom bike, with the installation of one of the first EPS groups in the country, made for a nervous shop, myself in particular. 


 Cyfac, the custom and production frame manufacturer from France, did an excellent job following the fairly ridged guidelines from Campy concerning frame dimensions and internal wiring.  The installation was fluid, and in no more time that it takes to build a cabled bike, I had the derailleurs and shifters connected and working.  The initial set up is what Campy calls  "Zero Settings".  This is a process where you actually tell the system to "learn" the reference position of the chain on the sprockets and chain rings.  In other words, this system is constantly communicating with its different components throughout the ride.  There are hundreds of different positions each derailleur can be in at any given time.  This allows for gear combinations that would not be optimal on a mechanical system.  


One of the most impressive things about the Shimano system is the power of the front derailleur.   I was particularly impressed to see that the EPS system really embraced the value of solid, reliable shifts. The EPS front derailleur produces in the neighborhood of 50 nm of force -- a good thing to be aware of, because when you press the button, the thing will shift through.  It is enough to really yank the crank arm down. 

A highlight for me is you have the option to cycle though the entire cassette by holding the lever down as well. Meanwhile, every shift you make, is being calculated by the Digital Tech Intelligence brain/battery.  The front derailleur always knows where to go. Shifts are instant, but the overshift feature, and trim feature come just after, perhaps to eliminate preemptive corrections.  

 The whole system is so refined and finished.  Each piece looks like it might be the only one in the world.   There is something about the gruppo that is unquantifiable.  I can answer the question "why is electronic shifting better?" all day long.  I can talk about the benefits of no cables, no housing, precise shifts, blah, blah.  But when you ask what is so special about the Campy set up?  Well just come take a look at Keller's bike, that's a question we think you won't need to ask again.



A New Season, A New or Improved Bicycle Fit!






Spring is upon us, and as the days get longer and everyone is increasing their mileage, it is important to reevaluate your fit. Comfort, performance, efficiency, and power - a proper fit on your bike will improve your ride whether you are an elite cyclist or out for a casual Sunday ride. Studio Velo offers a unique approach to fitting; we are one of a few places in the country using the Guru DFU in conjunction with the ReTül fit system to get the most objective fit available.

“We put the body first,” says fit master Colin, “we optimize the bike for you instead of conforming you to your bike.” If you are interested in buying a new bike getting fit on the DFU will establish the ideal dimensions without the limitations of an existing frame.  Getting fit on the DFU also makes it incredibly easy to try different handlebars and saddles. 

 We utilize the ReTül fit capture system designed specifically for collecting the most accurate and realistic data for achieving optimal muscle recruitment and preventing injury. Through the spin scan analysis we can measure your efficiency of stroke and improve your power.

 Last week André Carriao, Brazilian Pro rider for Simple Green, was fitted on the DFU, "Now the results will be different." He posted to Studio Velo. As a pro rider he had experienced many fitting processes and found his session with Colin to be incomparable. 


 The heart of the Studio Velo is the fit shop because we pride ourselves, not only building incredible custom bikes, but also in creating the best possible ride for each individual. Contact Colin at Studio Velo if you have any questions:

colin@studiovelocycling.com or p: (415) 407 8960.


Newmeyer's Ti Factory Lightweight Built for Speed!


"It's like riding a museum piece," said Thomas Newmeyer, of his new Independent Fabrication Ti Factory Lightweight. "It's absolutely amazing - I keep it in our front hall." He laughs.  


 The Studio Velo Team custom built this bike for Thomas Newmeyer, one of our Master Team riders. It is a top of the line race performance cycle with state of the art technology.


Newmeyer's Ti Factory Lightweight is built up with Shimano Di2 electronic shifting and Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLR for ultimate acceleration and snap. This bike is a race machine! Signature of Independent Fabrication work it is finished to look as fast as it rides.



  Studio Velo and Newmeyer are stoked about this ride, sleek, fast, and high performance down to the smallest details!  



What is the KarbonEye?

Rudy Project’s KarbonEye transcends sunglasses. These unparalleled technical optics are engineered to fit a competitive cyclists lifestyle with ultimate clarity, versatility and durable build.


Rudy Project KarbonEye Cycling Glasses The KarbonEye comes in three models: clear, rose and green featuring the ImpactX Photochromic Lense. Photochromic lenses adapt to changes in the lighting environment to enhance contrast and depth perception. The lens lightens and darkens in accordance to light intensity. You never have to take them off your face, even in the most variable conditions.

  “The ImpactX lenses are virtually indestructible,” says Ritchie, “you can bend, sit, even step on them.” Rudy backs up this claim with an awesome lens replacement guarantee that cannot be beat anywhere else in the industry.

 The KarbonEye is incredibly light, 1.23 ounces, and comfortable. The frameless design was engineered for maximum peripheral vision and a panoramic field of view, all in a full coverage style lens.

Check out founder, Scott Penzarella’s blog about his choice of the KarbonEye for the Leadville 100 race. Its takes an incredible optic to function for under nine hours of mtb racing.

 We have all three of the KarbonEye in stock now! Come by the store to check out the latest and greatest from Rudy Project.