Studio Velo on an “Endless Ascent” to Improve Lives in Nepal

For the second year, Scott Penzarella will lead a U.S. team of cyclists on an “Endless Ascent” in the famous French Alps. This time around, their challenge will be the four-day charity pro-am race called The Trois Etapes, starting July 26 in Orelle, France.


The idea behind an “Endless Ascent” was created in 2010 when famed alpinist Will Gadd tackled an Everest-sized ice-climbing marathon – introducing the idea of a physical challenge that helps the non-profit dZi Foundation draw awareness to the needs of underserved, remote communities in Nepal.

The Trois Etapes is a pro-am race through the most iconic mountain routes of the Tour de France, and is on track to raise more than $2 million for charities around the world, including the dZi Foundation.


“For me, the Endless Ascent is about connecting cyclists to our passion, our community and the world,” said Penzarella. “It’s not just about challenging yourself to do the impossible. It’s about working to your limit to support those who need our help in every corner of the world.”

A Cat 2 competitive cyclist, Penzarella started Studio Velo in 2003 based on three core values: passion, precision and performance. “The ideas behind both The Trois Etapes and an Endless Ascent are very much why we started Studio Velo in the first place. It’s our way of celebrating the beauty and athleticism of the sport of cycling while shining a spotlight on the fantastic charitable organizations involved.”


The idea of an Endless Ascent is bigger than dZi or the Trois Etapes, however. “Our goal is not just to raise money for our Deep Development work in Nepal, although that’s certainly needed,” added dZi co-founder and president Jim Nowak. “Partnering cycling with charity is just one of the dramatic ways we can draw support for underserved communities to make a positive difference.”

Learn more and find out how to donate to the U.S. dZi Foundation team as they compete against the U.K. dZi Foundation team and 12 other pro-am teams at

Studio Velo Women's Team Takes 2nd in Rapha Prestige Race 2013 & QOM

A huge congratulations to the Studio Velo Women's Team who took 2nd place in the annual Rapha Women's Pretige Race here in San Francisco.  One of 18 teams to compete in this 122-mile, nearly 13,000 foot climbing race, with a start and finish at the Rapha Cycle Club in San Francisco, the Rapha Women's Pretige Race is by far and away one of the hardest team races around. A true challenge of teamwork and toughness, the SV team rode the entire race with no flats, no mechanicals and no fights to arrive in under 9 hours. 


And a big congrats to ERIN WERNER (shown center above in Rapha Women's Gilet), who won the QOM (Queen of the Mountain) on Mt. Vision, one of the most challenging climbs here in Marin County.  The Mt. Vision segment is shown here:



The team, shown below, started at 8am and in perfect cycling conditions, made their way over the iconic Golden Gate Bridge together. What's most significant about this moment is their ability to return over the bridge together nearly 8 hours later. 

Moments before the team departed from the Rapha Cycle Club, it was evident that the secret to sucess on this particular day was the ability to get along and work together.  Well done ladies. You made us all proud! 

Yeti Bike Demo Wednesday & SV Travel Trips!

Yeti Bike Demo Wednesday & SV Travel Trips
Yeti Demo Wednesday!
Want to ride a Yeti?
Want to ride the legendary Marin County dirt on any Yeti bike, for free?

We understand that everyone is looking for something different and not everyone is the same size. That is why we are happy to announce our Yeti Demo next Wednesday, April 17th!

Bringing the entire line-up in a few different sizes, this is a perfect opportunity to test drive some of the best bikes in the business. As one of the three mountain bike brands that Studio Velo carries, we are extremely excited to host this event.

Mark your calendars now!
Yeti Bike Demo @ Studio Velo
Wednesday, April 17th
12 pm - 5 pm

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Travel in style.
If you still haven't check out one of our many cycling trips, you are missing out! Traveling around the globe, down the beautiful California coast, and more, Studio Velo has perfect the ultimate cycling adventures.

Equipped with full SAG support and a professional chef, we know how to take care of you! With limited spots left on our Italy Trip and Sierra Trip you may want to hurry to reserve your spot!

Also be sure to check out all of SV's cycle trips this year. See where SV can take you!

Join us in the stunning Italian countryside for rides you will never forget, freshly made food and memories that will last a lifetime.

See more trip details and book your spot here!
We have put together a biking adventure that includes some of the most majestic and challenging cycling available anywhere.

See more trip details and book your spot here!

Owner & Employee Sale!

Continuing our semi annual sale this week with only a couple items left!

Deep discounts on bikes from the best brands in the industry including:
  • Independent Fabrication
  • Guru Cycles
  • Cyfac
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  • Ellsworth
  • Yeti

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Call the shop at 415-380-1882
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At Studio Velo we greatly appreciate your business. We also understand that you are trusting us with your bike and we want to take the time to treat it right!

In an effort to improve quality and turn around of a bike tune or service we are asking you, our valued customer, to please schedule an appointment to drop off your bike. With your help Studio Velo has grown as a shop and business. We are now scheduling two weeks in advance to ensure a quick and timely turn around so you can get back to riding as soon as possible.

Once again, we truly appreciate your business and ongoing support for our small shop, after all we would be nowhere without all of you!


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La Primavera

La Primavera


So here we are in mid March.  Winter has come and gone, and Marin County is in full bloom.  Cold mornings and warm sunny afternoons hog the weather forecasts, while the daylight savings shift allows for some after work pedaling.  I think I can comfortably say that the off season is over, and we are now into part one of the actual bike racing season.  As I sit here and type this, Milan San Remo is in full effect, the best of the best are battling it out on snow and ice covered roads for the beloved "sprinters classic", La Primavera. 



Zooming back in, what does this time of year mean for Scott and I as we move into the second part of the season.  Long slow base rides are automatically shifting, and the mental capacity for 6-7 hour days in the saddle starts to fade.  For me, this is a logical time to take small rest, and put down onto paper some plans for the next few months.  The race is the first week of July, so that leaves just about 14 or 15 weeks left of actual training time.  This includes rest weeks, and most of this block I will be working full time.  It is so important to think realistically about training blocks.  The reality for me is that I will not be able to simulate 7 big 60+ mile days on the dirt.  I will need to sort of "fake" my body out in a way.  The goal is to enter the race with a full mental and physiological tank. 


I was able to get a good block of days in Maui earlier this month, and it really is a whole different animal.  First and foremost, the riding was breathtaking.  We live in a pretty special place here in our little corner of Nor Cal, and new places obviously get compared immediately to what we have right outside the front door.  Maui was at this same level for sure.  The air is so warm and sweet, and the colors are so vivid.  Bright blues, greens, purples and reds around every corner.  It was something I will never forget.  It was such an intense contrast of emotions and feelings.  



After 4 days of hard 5-6 hour rides, the body becomes very sensitive to all sorts of new things.  Food, sleep, bike position, and gear all matter so much more.  Little discrepancies can sort of pile up and create problems.  For example, a small cleat position error on my part has me in physical therapy right now healing a strained hamstring.  These are all great lessons to learn now, and not 4 days into a week stage race across Spain.  


I will be setting small, short range goals for myself over the next 6 weeks.  First and foremost is to get my body healthy again so that I can handle another large training block.  My January-March period this year was probably,  my biggest block ever volume wise.  Now, I will rest up, heal up, and sort my new race bike out.  My next post is going to be a full gear update.



I am really excited to test out some new super light XC race gear.  Both Scott and I are going to be running SRAM's new XX-1 11-speed mountain bike gruppo through the Pyrenees.  I am looking forward to some big Marin loops on the 20 lb hardtail.  Since I live in Terra Linda, I can link up just about any fire road in Marin right from my place.  The ultimate goal is to go all the way out to Mt Vision and back along the ridge lines.  More to come soon on my new Pivot LES! 



Destination: Hawaii -- a look back at what makes SV:Travel such a treat... for me

“Do I have everything? I think so. In a cab and off to the airport I go.  Tickets, security, on the plane, grab a nap.  Wake up suddenly; “Shit!”  “I forgot my tongs!”


And thus starts the 2013 season of SV:Travel.  Destination: Hawaii.  Specifically Maui, to fuel (day and night), support (…day and night) and motivate guests to do things they never thought possible on a bike.

Five days of working from two hours before the sun rises, cooking breakfast, cleaning, cooking lunch, cleaning, hit the road all day, head to the local markets, prepare a recovery spread, cleaning, prepare and serve dinner, cleaning, prepare dessert, cleaning and more cleaning until long after the sun has set. Cold beer, shower, cold beer, bed.  “Is my alarm set?” Check twice more.

Sounds glamorous, right???

This is what we do.  Why would anyone do this you ask?  The explanation is so simple it’s scary.  We do this, well, because we love to. I love to cook. I love to ride my bike.  The Studio Velo boys and girls love to eat. They love to ride. And they love to travel. We are a match made in heaven.


We have the opportunity to travel the world, see amazing sights, meet amazing people and ride our bikes on life-changing journeys with our newfound SV family members.  Why wouldn’t we want to do this?  You, the client, make it possible and it is so rewarding in so many ways.  That is what outweighs all the effort put forth.  Each day my favorite recipe is created.  Great food, great wine and great people.  With these three ingredients, my brother, a few special guides and a great road ahead……well, that is how we at SV:Travel make the magic happen.  Plus, I hear the food isn’t half bad. J

I don’t want to sound like I am bragging or give away too much of what we do on these trips, but if you want a couple of cool guys to work super hard to ensure you have a truly unique and amazing cycling adventure, dare I say life changing again, sign up for one of our epic journeys.  You will be glad you did.  But please don’t take our word for it, ask those who have gone before you as they are the testament to what do.


Look forward to making a memory with you.


Chef Chris Dressick 

GM The Station SF/Studio Velo Chef