SV:Travel's Italian Cycling Adventure with a French twist

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Thursday, July 7, 2011
SV:Travel's Italian Cycling Adventure with a French twist

Cyfac | Studio Velo

Cyfac and Studio Velo have once again come together to offer a truly exceptional riding experience. This time, as many of you have read in previous posts, we are riding in the Italian Alps and the famous Dolomites. Taking a storied cycling locale, adding a dose of amazing service and support, some fantastic après-cycling Italian fare, and a pinch of Cyfac bicycle excellence, SV:Travel's Italian cycling adventure is truly something to remember.

One detail we never want to overlook are the bikes we ride here. Like last year in Spain, seven lucky clients get a chance to ride some world-class bikes from our partners at Cyfac, who through hard work and commitment, send complete bikes to our hotels here in Italy for us to use over the course of two cycling sessions.

What makes this partnership unique? For us, it is as much about the authentic experience riding a handcrafted bike, made in France and ridden in Italy, as it is the smiles on our clients faces day in and day out.

For us here at Studio Velo, cycling is an aspirational sport on many levels. Watching the pros race, imagining oneself flying down a descent, and dreaming of an effortless climb inspire us all. But, it is the authentic experience that spurs us to swing a leg over the top tube and put in the miles to make us better riders. When it all comes together, the mix of equipment, fitness, camaraderie, support, and landscape create an experience that transcends the sport itself.

Studio Velo has taken a step towards making a dream reality with their Italian adventure. The partnership with Cyfac underscores the shared commitment to authenticity and quality, and ignores hype. Studio Velo clients chose from Cyfac Absolu and Gothica CS models outfitted with a mix of product groups and wheelsets designed to deliver an exceptional riding experience with the passionate team from Studio Velo.


Perhaps a French trip is in the cards next year so that we may all be able to ride Cyfacs here! Stay tuned.


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