What is SV:Gourmet?

What is SV:Gourmet?

SV:Gourmet incorporates the skills and passion of a professional chef and the travel pursuits and expertise of SV:Travel. In a unique and personalized environment, SV:Gourmet pushes the envelop of the travel & gourmet food business.  By creating a private, personalized environment in which our guests enjoy some of the best road cycling California has to offer, along with a professionally-prepared gourmet meal, SV:Gourmet delivers the most unique combination of food and cycling.

This 100% mobile, roadside event is an all-inclusive culinary experience, including coffee and wine service.  Each ride has a full-time, on-the-road guide, coupled with a full-time SAG driver.

To learn more about customizing your cycling adventure, please call 415.380.1882 or email Chris Dressick at chefchris@studiovelocycling.com.


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