The joys of Spring shopping

Spring is here and farmers market season is back! Chef Ritchie talks about creating a menu at the market and the joys of shopping in the spring:

The best way to create a truly fresh and local meal is to buy your ingredients and devise your menu while perusing the farmers market. You don’t have to be a chef, although you may run into some if you go right when the markets open, to design a creative and delicious meal when you are surrounded by the awesome array of spring produce.  Give yourself plenty of time to sample, wander and collect ingredients. Talk to your farmers, ask them to describe the flavors of different varieties and if they have any pairing suggestions.

When you are designing a meal think about balance and color. The options can be overwhelming the last thing you want is to walk out of there with five different types of lettuce and nothing else. So do a preliminary lap, taste things you might be interested in. Then take a deep breath and head back to the stands you liked the most.

Warmer nights make great grilling, maybe consider picking up some spring onions Ramps, asparagus, or some baby artichokes all deliciously grillable. Image how your meal will look on your plate - let color help you build diversity into your dish.  Take care of your body and your planet and enjoy your delicious seasonal meal.

Stay tuned for one of my favorite farmer-market spring recipe. 

Chef Ritchie 


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