A Private Cycling Adventure Close To Home

We could not have asked for a more beautiful day to do the Point Reyes loop with Mike Ling and Co. Yesterday, SV: Travel and Gourmet led a private ride along the familiar, but ever stunning California Coast. Pedaling along with a group of mixed abilities it is always refreshing to see the road through new eyes and be reminded of how incredible our local routes are.  

We had a casual start from the shop around nine with about half of the group riding with Mike Ling and Chris Reed, while the other half took the sprinter up with Ritchie. We all met in point Reyes in a bevy of other Saturday riders enjoying the sun and the local bakery.

Then we headed off en mass pedaling south along highway one absorbing the breathtaking cliff side view. It was a seamless day culminating with a fantastic lunch ala Chef Ritchie on the back patio. The riders basked in their accomplishment and enjoyed a Catalan influenced meal of Fideo pasta, piquillo pepper, and aubergine Romesco style sauce with chorizo Iberico and goat's milk French fetta.


Studio Velo Travel and Gourmet traverses the world from Spain, to New Zealand, the Sierras and back. But we also love doing local events and rides; sharing some of our favorite loops with people just learning the view from the bike. Contact the shop to save a weekend for a guided and/or catered ride for you and your coworkers, friends or family.


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