For women, by women...



In an industry primarily run by men we've had to fight our way through with mis fit chamois, bikes, etc.  The time has finally come where companies are employing more women and in return producing lady specific gear, clothing, and accessories!  Our options are no longer just red, black, and white and we don't have to go through the uncomfortable conversation revolving around chamois cream, saddle shapes, and how a woman can take potty break when wearing bibs.  I've been told there is a way, and I'm set on figuring it out! 

Studio Velo is ahead of the game when it comes to the ladies!  My name is Karen, but most call me KJ.  Moving here from the Vail Valley in Colorado, I have never seen a cycling shop so in tune with the women's industry.  If I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet, please stop in the shop.  For those of you who I have met it should be no secret that I love to ride bikes.  Primarily a mountain biker, but since living here the road has been pretty amazing as well!  


Through riding and racing I have the ability to put the product that we have here at Studio Velo through the ringer.  Here will be your information hub for reviews on product, apparel, rides, races, and more than enough rambling to entertain any cycling enthusiast; man or woman.

So, bookmark the blog...get out and ride, and check back in on a regular basis!  



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