Rudy Project Rydon with ImpactX Photochromic Laser Lenses

Since moving to the Bay Area, I've learned a lot of things.  Don't step in the puddles in China Town, you really can get a ticket for talking on your phone while driving, and a quote from a Mr. Mark Twain that rings oh so true, "The coldest winter I ever spent was the summer spent in San Francisco".  Growing up in Minnesota, and having just moved from the Rockies, I didn't believe it.  I thought to myself, "I know cold, I rode my bike all winter...a little fog isn't going to stop me".  Well, I quickly learned the importance of good quality gear that can go through the ringer of some of the most varied weather the Bay Area can throw at you.  Today, I'll be talking proper eye wear.

Introducing the Rudy Project Rydons with ImpactX Photochromic Laser Lenses

You may be thinking, "impactX photochromic laser lenses? what?".  Well, no worries as I thought the same thing.  So, let's break it down.

  • ImpactX = Bomb Proof.  You can actually take a hammer to these lenses and they will NOT break.
  • Photochromic = The lens tint changes to the amount of light you're exposed to.
  • Laser = Anti-glare coating

So how do these features apply to you?  Let's talk conditions... see below for a common progression of some conditions one ride can throw at you... 

As we all have experienced, we can wake up below the fog, ride through and above it to bright sunshine, and then have to ride back down through it.  Common problems experienced with eye wear are, fogging up, a lens that's too dark or too light with no protection from the sun, and of course the potential of debris or eye injury if you choose to not wear glasses.

I ran into all of these problems (minus the eye injury, thank goodness) when I thought my smiths would cut it.  As I'd climb I'd work up some heat, fog up my lenses, ride with them off, and then get a plethora of dirt/bugs in my eyes as I descended.  This made for unnecessary discomfort, but now having my Rudy Projects I no longer experience any of these issues.  I'm also amazed at how quickly the lenses adjust!  Check it out!

    A clear lens inside..... To game face outside shot!       

What else is cool about these glasses are its custom color capabilities.  They come in red, but you can choose from a range of adjustable nose and ear piece colors to make them your own!  Also, right above the nose piece is a little custom vent, allowing airflow so as you are working it up those hills your lenses stay nice and clear to keep your eye on the prize.

So, next time you're cursing your current lenses, make a swing through Studio Velo and let me help you put your eye wear issues to rest!


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