The Bay Area staple... The Baselayer

When you think about clothing staples we all have them; the little black dress, an x boyfriend's t-shirt, skinny jeans, fat jeans, etc.  Having lived in a ski town, a selection of quality base layers were more of a seasonal addition to this list.  Here in the Bay Area, I'm finding it's fixated into your wardrobe year round!  Luckily, here at Studio Velo we have hand selection varieties of base layers that you'll find yourself not only wearing on your after work Stinson loop, but also your night out in the city.

We have hand selected the best base layers from leading brands on the market for SV and SV:Women; Rapha, Craft, Luna, and YMX

  This Luna Long Sleeve Base Layer is what I'm currently wearing.  Why did I choose this item today?  Luna has the women's fit spot on, and the merino wool keeps me warm but not overheating throughout a day at work. A day that can start out cold and foggy with a few hours of warmth in the afternoon.  By the time I get off work, I just have to throw on my chamois and hit the trail.  What's even better, these tops are currently 25% off!

Below, you'll see shop owner Scott Penzarella's favorite base layer pick.  The Rapha Short Sleeve V-Neck Base Layer not only maintains your temperature, it adds a splash of color under a plain black t-shirt for instant style.  For those of you on the fence on whether or not you can pull off the pink, it also comes in cream and black.

So, next time you find yourself staring blankly at your closet searching for that one article of clothing that can keep you warm, comfortable, and stylish throughout whatever the Bay Area can throw at you; either log on to SV online or stop into our Mill Valley location to add this closet staple to your collection!



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