Cross training for women cyclists

Looks like winter has finally arrived to the Bay Area. And we thought Indian summer could last forever... 

Ladies don’t despair there are plenty of options to get you through winter and still be in great shape come next cycling season. Of course there is the indoor training option or spin classes at places like Velo SF in San Francisco or Endurance Mill Valley, but when you are looking for something new and different and want to escape the cold and wet roads, there are plenty of other activities you can do that are fun and most importantly that will keep you in great shape this season! They compliment riding and will offer a great respite from the regular road season. 

Cross training is a chance to use some different muscles and improve your overall fitness. So, what are some cross training options that compliment us cyclists? Here are some ideas to consider that can get you through winter and keep you in tip-top shape.


With Mount Tam in our backyard,  there are plenty of trails to explore for both running and hiking. Don’t have a waterproof jacket? Grab one of the Rapha rainproof jackets, made specifically for women by women.  Not only is this jacket stylish you can use this for a rainy run or put it in your jersey pocket for those bike days you think you might get caught in the rain or cold.  This jacket can also double up as a wind stopper when spring comes or for the cold descents off peaks like Haleakala in Maui. 

Cross Country Skiing or In-line Skating 

Looking for something that gives you more cardio when you are up in Tahoe, try cross country skiing or inline skating. These are some of the best cardio workouts in the world and they undoubtedly compliment cycling. Work on your base training by staying  in your easy training zones while working on balance and eye-hand coordination. And what's best about these sports, you can use much of your cycling gear. Take the Rapha women's specific Softshell Jacket. It works great for those cold morning rides locally and also is the perfect cross-country top. The jacket’s softshell fabric is windproof, water-resistant and highly breathable. 

Mountain biking

Yes, this is still bike riding. However, on days that are a little chiller or overcast, it’s actually quite nice to get off the damp roads and get into the trees. Grab a warm, long-sleeve jersey like the Capo Bacio long sleeve,  and pair it with your favorite rain or wind jacket, and you will be toasty warm and prepared for anything. It's a great social experience too. I love meeting riders on Mt Tam who are hanging out at West Point, relishing in the slower pace of winter. 

So now that it's winter grab your running shoes or hit the cross-country trails with your new warm winter riding clothing gear and be ready for next season! Please use SV: Women as your resource for information, gear and much more. With part-time employees who ride and train all year round like Shelley H, Lynda G, and Rachel P, we have the expertise and experience in off-season cross training and all the gear that makes it much more fun and enjoyable. 


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