SV: Women's Rapha Race Team

 SV:Women Take on the Rapha Prestige Race!


Meet the team:

Shelley H. - Team captain, SV:Women part-time employee, and Cat 3 racer.

Kim F. – Triathlete and Cat 4 racer.

Christy A. – First time racer with distance experience, loves to ride her bike!

Danielle H. – Former collegiate racer, half and full Ironman experience.

Erin W. – Newly minted Cat 4 racer, mountain biker at heart!

Jen V. W. – Former collegiate racer, Cat 3 racer, coming back from an injury.



On, April 7th the inaugural Women’s Rapha Prestige Race will be lighting up the Bay Area. The invite-only race, conducted many seasons in Portland and on the East Coast, now has a race specifically for women!

The Studio Velo Women’s team will be making its debut, here, in our own backyard, with hopes of victory. Our women will be dressed in Studio Velo kits and the pink Rapha caps. The Rapha Prestige Race is different from any other race because it is the ultimate team competition- “Each team is only as fast as its slowest member,” says Chris Reed, Studio Velo partner, who has raced the Rapha Gentlemen’s Race (RGR) in Portland, OR.

This race is a challenge not only because it is self-supported but also because the course is not revealed until a couple of days before the race. “We do know the route will highlight the best the Bay Area has to offer,” says Shelley Hagen. Typically a Rapha race is long, very hilly and includes both road and dirt. In short, a RGR is a grueling, entertaining, and highly emotional race.

Studio Velo and SV: Women are excited to support our Women riders as they battle other teams of six, not for the individual glory of first across the line, but for entire team completion!



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