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Attention, Visibility, Interaction and Protection


POC is a Swedish company with a strong mission to do the best they can to possibly save lives and to reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists.

POC was founded in 2005 and made its first entry, addressing the ski racing market, at the ISPO trade show where it also introduced its mission. POC’s new ideas and solutions to improve ski racing safety, by reducing the force transmitted to the brain and body in case of a crash, gained a lot of attention.

The concepts, technologies, and materials used and implemented for the helmets and body armor were developed in close collaboration with POC Lab; POC’s scientific forum that consists of some of the world’s foremost sports medicine experts, brain scientists and specialists in spinal cord injuries.


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POC's partnership with Volvo Car Group allows them to exchange knowledge and experience in order to mutually explore new ideas within safety and design. The partnership will explore possibilities to extend the safety knowledge as well as products and services offered by Volvo and POC. Together with Volvo they are looking at new ways to promote safety and their initial research and development project is focusing on communication between cars and cyclists.Volvo has the vision, competence and experience and have been leading the development within road safety for more than 80 years and it’s a pleasure to interact on safety with them. The partnership has allowed for state of the art research, full scale testing and has supported and injected new ideas into their development processes. Further, their collaboration with Volvo has given them the opportunity to utilize Volvo’s knowledge in aerodynamics and their wind tunnel facility for aerodynamic optimization. Volvo is also a part of POC WATTS Lab, their highly specialized department whose objective is to optimize performance and aerodynamics in POC products.