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Stinner Frameworks is the latest addition to the Studio Velo family of bicycle brands. Aaron Stinner has been hand crafting titanium and steel bicycles in Santa Barbara, California for the past 6 years. What started out as a part-time passion project has since turned into a full-time obsession. For Aaron, bikes represent an overall lifestyle and sense of freedom he wants to share with as many people as possible.

About 90 miles north of LA, Aaron brought together some of the most talented and inspired builders, painters, and industry people.  As cyclists, craftsman, and entrepreneurs, Stinner is bringing a fresh approach to domestic frame building. They sweat the details.  They understand customer service.  And they love building bikes for people who love bikes.  

Stinner streamlined the process of building bikes and can deliver world class bikes with an incredibly reasonable turn around.  It’s an amazing operation that integrates perfectly with our beliefs our ethos and our love for beautiful bikes.

Stinner is bringing back American craftsmanship to California, one build at a time. Their passion, paired with incredible craftsmanship and design, are just a few of the reasons we have welcomed the brand to Studio Velo.