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TIME Bicycles is where cutting-edge technology meets Old World craftsmanship. For more than two decades, TIME has been pioneering breakthroughs in cycling technology, which quickly become benchmarks for the industry. Every aspect of their frames is innovative, from design to inception, and their quality is beyond compare. Unlike other frame manufacturers, who manufacture frames using sheets of pre-fab carbon fiber, TIME uses an exclusive Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) process to handcraft each and every strand of carbon fiber that goes into their custom designed molds.

TIME frames are entirely designed and made by hand at TIME’s state-of-the-art facility in France, by a team of highly skilled craftsmen and engineers, to bring you something that’s been missing from carbon fiber frames – soul. TIME's stunning designs are hand-crafted with custom materials by people who love bikes as much as you do. After one ride you’ll feel the difference!