Founded by motorsports engineer Leigh Sargent, Zipp released its first carbon fiber disc wheel in 1988. After being acquired by SRAM in 2007, Zipp relocated from its original design and manufacturing facility in Speedway, Indiana to an expanded site in Indianapolis.

The company was first to market with dimpled discs and rims (they also own the patent), to induce boundary layer turbulence and prevent detached airflow in crosswinds. Zipp has done pioneering research in aerodynamics, using various high tech wind tunnels, and has published advanced papers in this area. The company was also the first to produce disc wheels, deep section rims, and cranksets using carbon fiber technology. They are also known for their high-performance silicon-nitride bearings, which have a notable roundness for the entire set of less than two millionth of an inch of imperfection.