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Total Elevation: 2,495 feet
Distance: 43 miles
Approximate Time: 3 hours




The ride, shaped like a lollipop on a map, breaks up into two main parts. The stick, to and from Fairfax, and the loop, which runs out Lucas Valley Road and into Nicasio Valley road and back to Fairfax along Sir Francis Drake makes ups this fun ride. This ride is an ideal loop if you have three or less hours, and do not want to be climbing the whole time. Lucas Valley road is one of the flattest, well-paved roads in southern Marin. The total ride climbs just under 2500 vertical feet, broken up into several 500-600 ft hills, making the Lucas Valley Loop one of our "roller" rides here in Marin.

After exiting Studio Velo, turn left to head south east on Miller. Take a left at the 4-way stop onto Gomez then the first right onto Sycamore. Turn left at the light, onto Camino Alto. Camino Alto will roll you up over the climb and down into Larkspur, via the Camino Alto Climb. The road turns into Magnolia as it takes you right up to College of Marin. Here, you veer right, and follow Kent Ave, into Ross. When Ross school comes up on the left, you take a short left, then right turn, onto Shady Lane. Follow this road though the quaint Ross neighborhood of million-dollar homes, making sure you stop at the multiple stop signs along the route. Right on Bolinas, then a quick left on San Anselmo Ave. through the town of San Anselmo. Follow this all the way into Fairfax.

Take a right on Willow, then a right on Sir Francis Drake, at Pancho Villas. Off Sir Francis Drake you take Butterfield back into Sleepy Hollow. Right on Fawn, and up a very steep but short section of climbs. Towards the top you hop on the bike path just up and over into Terra Linda. Now you are on M.T. Freitas Parkway. Follow this down the hill and take a left on Las Galinas Blvd. Follow this up and over the hill and into Lucas Valley road. Left on LVR, and you can just roll out. Beautiful hillsides surround, and cars are not as common. Big rock climb is a nice 5-6 minute ascent, with a few sharp kickers.

Now the long descent, into a false rolling flat out to Nicasio Valley Road. You are now in West Marin. Take a left, and follow it all the way back to Sir Francis Drake. Left on SFD, past the golf course, and the flat drag into White Hill climb from the east. Down the White Hill descent (careful) and into Fairfax. Now you reverse the directions and finish it up with the Camino Alto power climb from Larkspur.


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