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Total Elevation: 1,975 feet
Distance: 20.4 miles
Approx. Time: 1 hours 30 minutes





The Marin Headlands Gravel Ride adds a dirty twist to one of our favorite local lunch rides, the Marin Headlands Road Ride. The ride will reward you with both world-famous views of the Golden Gate Bridge and a quick escape from civilization and tourists on the backroads of the Marin Headlands. Instead of taking the bike path and Bridgeway out to the most well known area of the Headlands through Sausalito, you cut into Tennessee Valley to begin enjoying the Headlands from the dirt only a few minutes after departing Studio Velo. Climb Marincello and descend Bobcat through the remote-feeling coastal hills west of civilization. After making your way down to Bunker Road, enjoy a quick climb up Coastal Trail before a road descent with the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge. The ride ends with the familiar road route back to Mill Valley. 


Begin at Studio Velo and head south on Miller Ave. Take a left onto the bike path at the crosswalk at Almonte Blvd. Right after the little bridge, take a right towards Tam Valley. Continue onto Tennessee Valley Rd. From the Tennessee Valley parking lot, climb up Marincello Trail. and continue onto Bobcat Trail. Descend down Bobcat to Rodeo Valley Trail. Turn right on Bunker Road and make a quick left to climb Coastal Trail up to the roundabout below Hawk Hill. Descend Conzelman Rd towards the bridge. Take the path that goes under the bridge and continue on East Rd. through the old military base. Hop on the end of Alexander and then take Bridgeway through Sausalito. At the end of Bridgeway, take the bike path to get back to Miller Ave and return to Studio Velo in downtown Mill Valley.



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