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Total Elevation: 2,125 feet
Distance: 13.1 miles
Approximate Time: 1 hour 10 minutes




The Muir Loop is a must-do, local Marin County ride that we refer to as the ‘lunch ride’. At approximately 60 minutes in duration with about two thousand feet of climbing with no steep pitches, this ride can be done in either direction once you arrive to Four Corners. From downtown Mill Valley, the counter-clockwise direction is shown above. We do not recommend climbing from Tam Junction up Highway 1. This ride passes through the historic Muir Woods National Monument and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.


The rider needs to navigate a few turns in town but it provides the most scenic, car-free route up to Four Corners. The ride begins at Studio Velo by turning right to head northwest on Miller Ave, jog around the town plaza by going right at the stop sign and then right. Turn left on Throckmorton Ave, followed by another left onto Cascade Dr, bearing right up the Canyon. Take a left on Marion Ave and wind your way up to Edgewood Ave where you turn right to continue to climb up to Four Corners.

At the top, take a breather on the East Side of the road and enjoy the view of the ocean and the expansive San Francisco Bay. Take a left onto Panoramic Highway, heading towards Rt. 1. There will be a slight climb, followed by a slight descent before intersecting with Rt 1/Shoreline Highway. At this point, riders will take a sharp right onto Rt 1 North, and after a few hundred yards, will begin their descent down to Muir Beach.

As the descent ends, riders will stay pedal past the Pelican Inn on the left before bearing right, departing from Rt 1, to head towards Muir Woods. After about a mile and a half, riders will pass the entrance into Muir Woods and begin the climb back up to 4 corners. The climb starts with a steep kick up before easing up a bit. About a little more than halfway up the climb it steepens again before easing up for the final stretch. The climb ends at Four Corners again, where riders will carefully cross back over Panoramic before descending down to the start of the ride. Be mindful of traffic on the way down as you descend down Edgewood and Marion, backtracking the route of the initial descent before you return to Studio Velo.


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