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Total Elevation: 3,150 feet
Distance: 24.1 miles
Approximate Time: 2 Hours




This is another world-class ride that takes less than two hours and will blow your socks off. Incredible views, over 3K feet of climbing, and two silky smooth descents will make you wish this was your backyard evening ride.

Similar start to the Muir Woods Loop, the rider needs to navigate a few turns in town but it provides the most scenic, car-free route up to Four Corners. The ride begins at Studio Velo by turning right to head northwest on Miller Ave, jog around the town plaza by going left at the stop sign and then right. Turn left on Throckmorton Ave, followed by another left onto Cascade Drive into Old Mill Park, bearing right at the bottom towards the Canyon. Take a left on Marion Ave and wind your way up to Edgewood Ave where you bear right and continue to climb up to Four Corners.

From Four Corners above Muir Woods you take a right turn onto Panoramic Highway and continue to climb up to the ranger station at Pantoll. This is a good spot to grab some water if you need it, or throw on a vest or jacket if it is a colder day. From the ranger station, you drop down the awesome descent to Stinson Beach. This starts in the trees, with some tighter turns, and then opens up half way down, with some amazing vistas of the beach and the Bolinas Lagoon. Be careful of decreasing radius turns, and wet corners under the shaded top part of the descent.

At the bottom of the descent, you take a left and continue along the rolling and beautiful Highway One back towards south Muir. Once you get down a short fast descent to Muir Beach, you have two options to complete the ride: one is a left turn to climb the steeper road back through the Muir Woods National Monument. This is the harder option with more elevation as well. From the top of the climb, you turn right and come down the last part of Panoramic Highway to where it meets Highway One above Mill Valley. Bear left and drop down the final descent into Tam Junction. The other option is to continue right on Hwy One past Muir Beach and climb the shorter more gradual road up to meet the southern edge of the Tam Ridge. From here you continue straight down the Shoreline Highway descent into Mill Valley


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