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Total Elevation: 11,016 feet
Distance: 80.9 miles
Approx. Time: 5 hours 30 minutes





The UCC is the Ultimate Cross County Gravel Ride. Embark on an epic exploration of West and Southern Marin by bike. The journey begins with a flat, paved, easy spin to Sausalito from Mill Valley. Make your way all around the Marin Headlands on a number of gravel roads. Descend Dias Ridge into Muir Beach and then start climbing up Tam along Coastal. Take in the incredible coastal views along some of the best Southern Marin gravel roads. Hop on the pavement at Pantoll and descend Ridgecrest. The picturesque backdrop from the ridge never gets old and is seen in numerous car commercials. From there, your journey north along the Bolinas Ridge begins. The ridge is one of the best kept secrets of Marin. Immerse yourself in everything from redwood groves to cow pastures as you make your way up the county. Mix it up with a loop with part of Highway 1 before retracing your steps along Bolinas Ridge. Next, you will climb both pavement and dirt to the East Peak of Mt Tam. After multiple hours in the saddle and finishing the climbing for the day, reward yourself with the unbeatable 360-degree views of the ocean to the West, Marin's natural beauty to the North, and all across the Bay Area to the south and east. From the top, enjoy a final dirt descent back to Studio Velo.


Begin at Studio Velo and head south on Miller Ave. Take a left onto the bike path at the crosswalk at Almonte Blvd. Head south towards Sausalito and continue onto Brideway once the bike path ends. After passing though downtown Sausalito, continue onto Alexander Ave. Take a left onto East Rd to meander through the Cavello Point area. Continue onto Moore Rd and follow the bike path up the hill under the bridge. Climb Conzelman Rd into the Marin Headlands. At the roundabout, go straight towards the gravel parking lot and descend Coastal Trail. At the bottom, cross Bunker Road and take a left on Rodeo Valley Trail. Take a left on Miwok Trail. Turn right onto Bunker Road for the little Rodeo Beach loop. Head back the way you came on Miwok and take a left on Bobcat Trail. Continue on Bobcat until it turns into Marincello and drops you into the Tennessee Valley parking lot. Head down Tennessee Valley Trail until forking off to the right onto Coastal Trail. Take a right onto Coastal Fire Road and continue onto Coyote Ridge Trail. Take a left onto Miwok Trail. Shortly after crossing Highway 1, take a left and descend Dias Ridge Trail. At the bottom of the trail, take a right on Highway 1 and head north until taking a right for Coastal Trail. Climb Coastal and Deer Park Fire Rd to Pantoll. Cross Panoramic Hwy and climb Pan Toll Rd. until taking a left on Ridgecrest Blvd at the Rock Springs Parking lot. At the intersection of Bolinas-Fairfax Rd., continue onto Bolinas Ridge. Take the trail until a left onto Randall Trail and a right on Highway 1. Take the road north towards Olema and take a right onto Sir Francis Drake in town. Turn right on Cross Marin Trail and right again on Jewel and continue onto Bolinas Ridge. Head south back towards Mt. Tam. Climb the beggining of Ridgecrest and take a left onto Laurel Dell Fire Rd. Take a right on Rock Spring Lagunitas Rd and left onto E Ridgecrest Blvd up to the East Peak of Mt. Tam. Descend Railroad Grade Rd past the West Point Inn and take a right onto Gravity Car Rd. towards the Mountain Home Inn. From there, take Edgewood Ave onto Pipeline Trail and back onto Edgewood. From there, take a few turns down to Old Mill Park and then turn right onto Throckmorton to return to Studio Velo in downtown Mill Valley.


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