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Gravel Grinding in Style

- The Dream Bike: Moots Routt RSL -

 by Scott Penzarella 



Last season my dream bike, The Moots Routt RSL, was unexpectedly sold right off the sales floor to a French client/traveler who "just had to have it." The shop boys called me that afternoon and asked if I would be okay to see my newly built RSL exported to France.  Being in the business of making people happy, one bike sale at a time, I decided to let it go. The season began to change from hot summers to cooler fall days and my itch for another gravel grinder became unbearable.  In comes Joe Kayser and the fine folks at Moots and Black Magic




With the Studio Velo red ASSOS Ascender jersey proving to be my initial favorite (hint: the new color rocks!), I decided to ask Joe to bring that color and design inspiration to my next bike. In the past, painting a Moots frame was very uncommon.  With the help of the industry-leading paint shop, Black Magic, Joe's design inspiration moved from Illustrator to jersey to bike, one iteration at a time.. Needless-to-stay, I was excited. 



To design a bike paint scheme on a computer is one thing, but to bring it "alive" on an actual frame is another and this was yet again a tough design to fulfill in the paint booth. Thanks to Rudi's steady hand, and clever design tweeks, the finished product proves worthy. 



From the fork to the down tube Moots logo, with the red dot highlights inside the Os, this frame design balances color and style. Left unpainted are the chain and seat stays, in hopes that the dirty, rocky lunch rides launch rocks and dirt only towards the rear of the bike where the Ti finish will remain unscathed for years to come. I'd like to be spared, at least for now, the sad day the first paint chip rears its ugly head on this work of art. Painting the frame 3/4s is always a good start to less sad days. 



The signature Moots head badge reminds us of the handcrafted nature of all things Moots and the unmistakable and incredibly durable and smooth Chris King headset would not missed on this dream machine. In the coming days I will saddle back up on my new bike and start preparing for some long gravel adventures.  One adventure that I won't be missing will be the Moots Factory Tour next Spring. Sign up coming soon! 


Interested in learning more about how to build your own dream gravel bike? Swing by the shop or email us at sales@studiovelocycling.com and we’d love to get the conversation started. We even have a few demo gravel bikes available for you to ride.