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How to Beat the Winter

- How to Beat the Weather -

 by Aaron Allen 


We’ve got it pretty easy here in the Bay Area, but riding through the Winter can still be quite challenging, presenting times where a canoe seems the smartest choice for the day's transportation. Let’s hope we don’t experience a repeat of last winter. No matter what this winter has in store, fear not, we’ve got a number of ways to help you maintain your fitness and have some fun in the process.



Enter the Wahoo Smart Trainer! First, what is a Smart Trainer? These indoor trainers interface with various Apps that allow you to ride in real time, with other people, from all over the world in virtual environments…. They are amazing! The quality of construction and user interface of the Wahoo trainers is simply outstanding. Essentially, the trainer communicates via blue tooth with an app running on a phone or tablet. The trainer also has an internal power meter that can communicate with various other devices like Wahoo’s bike computers or a Garmin. You’re able to control the trainer with a phone or tablet to create and customize your own workouts.



Another star feature is how your bike attaches, you won’t burn through rear tires while using this trainer because effectively, the trainer replaces your rear wheel.



It get’s even better! Zwift is an app that allows you to ride virtual courses in real time with anyone who’s on Zwift. In fact, there are actually races and events on Zwift. There is also Strava connectivity along with various other third party apps. Let’s boil it down to this; indoor training no longer has to be boring and the ride feel of the Wahoo is more “on the road like” than any other indoor trainer available. You can race your buddies, ride a course from the Giro D’Italia or program any type of workout you can dream up.



We do still encourage you to brave the outdoor elements, because with the right gear there is no such thing as bad weather. The right apparel and equipment selection can make your day safe and enjoyable. Winter weather in the Bay Area is beautiful, don’t let it stop you from enjoying a fantastic ride. There are tires that are designed for wet weather riding and we’ve got some of the best cold weather apparel there is!


Pictured: The Trials Softshell Waterproof Jacket by Kitsbow


We’ve also got you covered for lighting. A good set of lights is just as important for being seen as seeing. We stock the best from Light & Motion lighting for commuting to full on adventure racing and night riding.



Interested in learning more about how you can keep riding through the elements this season? Swing by the shop or email us at sales@studiovelocycling.com and we’d love to get the conversation started. 

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