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We do not just add brands to the Studio Velo product mix because it is fashionable or trendy.  We do not pick brand partners because they are the hot brand of the month. Nor do we select brands that are more profitable for our business, simple for business sake. Rather, we seek partnerships – the word meaning in its true sense a contractual agreement in which each partner shares both the profits and the liabilities of their venture- because we understand the value of the shared losses and gains. It puts a higher value on the relationship and thus upholding the promise, we make to you, our client, now and into the future: to ensure your experience with every purchase is unequivocally positive and rewarding. Moots and Parker Dusseau are helping us achieve this goal.

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When the world-class craftsman of Moots tack, weld, and finish each and every frame in their small, yet extremely modern facility in Steamboat Springs, CO, you can be assured it is the finest titanium frame in the world. Years of consistent working and reworking of the process to make their frames lighter, stronger and more responsive keep Moots at the top of the ranks in titanium bicycle manufacturing, not only in the frame category but also in components.


What does it mean to be the top dog in titanium?  It means shop guys like us sleep soundly at night, as one frame after the next rides out the door. It is about aligning our brand standards with bike manufacturers who pursue only the best in all areas of their work. Road. Mountain. Cross. Touring.


Every frame type/medium is tested and guaranteed to deliver the perfect balance.  We are not talking about purely fashion, not function here. The ladies and gentlemen of Steamboat are not in the sex business and they certainly don’t want to be known for having the fanciest-looking bikes out there, just ones that posses the quality and ride characteristics you are seeking.  


How important is it that our brand partners share the same philosophy that we do? Very. For some brands, just any shop will not do. Some shops try but fail to maintain long-standing relationships with brands and, in our eyes, it is simply a function of not sharing the same love, passion and dedication to the sport, on an intangible but critical level, that we do. The steady hand that permits the perfect weld in the factory is met with a steady hand upon installation of the press-fit bottom bracket or the clamp-on front derailleur. Not everyone is prepared for perfection, but Moots and Studio Velo would not sleep without perfect execution, every time.

From the small parts….


To its people..


It is about the whole process, from start to finish, that makes Moots, Moots. Come see in person, with your own discerning eye, why Moots is perfectly at home here in Mill Valley.



We love when clients ask us why we carry casual clothing at Studio Velo. We always laugh at this question. In our minds, what you wear to work, after work, and everything in between makes a statement of who you are, your taste, your preferences, your likes and dislikes.  For a number of years, we had to make our own clothing, in partnership with Taylor Stitch, to get the right fit, the right feel and the right colors that, respectfully, break the ubiquitous color schemes of mass retailers.


Recently, as if tailor-made for Studio Velo and its discerning clientele, Parker Dusseau, hot off a media buzz in everything from Bicycling Magazine to Men’s Journal, slipped its way to the clothing rack at Studio Velo. And why wouldn’t it?  This is apparel that blends sophistication, flexibility and fit—all made right here in California.


I remember nearly a decade ago, while living and riding in southern Spain, the elegant men who casually walked down the narrow streets of Sevilla, like slim, modern silhouettes of a moving building, gracefully making their way to the plaza for a sangria. 


The Parker Dusseau produce line, truly, reminds me of those well-fitted shirts that permit movement on one hand, yet sit elegantly on the shoulders of any fit-looking man.


They say Parker Dusseau’s shirts are perfect for cycling, office hours, dinners and everything in between.  I say let’s grab a collection of shirts, head back to Spain (or Italy) this summer, grab a cold sangria and show those tall, handsome Spanish men who means business in the latest clothing revolution.


Designed, produced and worn proudly in California. Now at Studio Velo.