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How Stinner rounds out the Studio Velo performance line up.

As many of our loyal clients have come to know, Studio Velo works with the highest quality, best-performing brands in the world. It wouldn’t be fair, or fun, to simply settle for what is most trendy or profitable, sacrificing quality for vanity or popularity. Instead we seek out and build long-lasting relationships with brands that are sustainable, cutting edge and of the highest quality.

Brands that excite, dare to think outside of the box, and stand by their products, are the partners we work with. When you walk into Studio Velo, you can trust that everything you see has been hand selected, truly tested (not just written about) and approved by us. Our latests partnership, with Stinner Frameworks, brings hand-crafted steel and titanium bikes from Santa Barbara, California. 


[Aaron Stinner]

Aaron Stinner built his first frame approximately 6 years ago after attending frame-building school at UBI.  In 2012, his one-man business now known as Stinner Frameworks emerged from his parents' garage, where he cut, welded, and powder coated steel frames for close friends and Santa Barbara locals.  Now in 2017, Aaron has grown his small business and shipped hundreds of bikes across the US and the world, now with the help of five other highly skilled employees.



Stinner Frameworks prides itself on its ability to balance aesthetically simple frames with top-tier performance qualities, all while creating a unique experience for every customer that steps into their production schedule.  Stinner frame-sets give the rider freedom to express his- or herself.  




"Good design is as little design as possible." –Dieter Rams



Geometry, componentry, and paint design are all representations of their customers' tastes and interests.  Yet, even with all the details of designing custom bicycles and selling exciting Collection products, Stinner Frameworks boasts a high rate of efficiency given their smaller-scale manpower.  With each Stinner bicycle, you will find all-American authenticity and passion that is unique to their handbuilt framesets.



What started out as a part-time passion project has since turned into a full-time obsession. For Stinner, bikes represent an overall lifestyle and sense of freedom they want to share with as many people as possible.



Hand crafting each bike, the Stinner team strives to bring back American craftsmanship, one build at a time. We share that passion and look forward to working with Aaron, his team, and our clients to build unique, personalized bikes one frame at a time.