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- Advice from SV Partner & Cycling Aficionado, Chris Reed -


One of the reasons we have chosen Northern California as our place to call home is because we can ride our bikes year round.  While our seasons might not be as pronounced as those in New England, a bit of a wardrobe adjustment is necessary to accommodate the riding conditions. 

Mornings are crisp, shadows are long, and days are short.  It’s perfect riding weather if you have the right gear.  Just like the rest of our seasons, layering is essential, and it all starts with the right base layer.


To start...

Starting with a slightly warmer base layer than you would use for Summer riding will help keep your core warmer while still helping with moisture transfer.  This is incredibly important for regulating body temperature and keeping you comfortable in all of our micro-climates.  The ASSOS Fall Skin Foil is the perfect piece to start your layering with, and it comes in both short and long sleeve configurations.


ASSOS: shooting Ascona.  ©Ti-Press / Gabriele Putzu


To add some warmth...

Our riding generally consists of going uphill, sometimes for 45 minutes at a time, and then descending through some areas that do not get much sun this time of year.  This makes it a bit challenging to keep cool enough on long climbs and warm enough on long descents.  One of the most effective layers to balance this is the Intermediate Jersey from ASSOS.  It sits close to the skin, has a windproof front panel, and has 3 perfect sized pockets to store extra layers or nutritionals.

To add a little extra warmth to the layering mix, swap the Intermediate Jersey for the Tiburu Jacket.  The Tiburu will provide a bit more warmth on the arms and core, especially when paired with a windproof vest or jacket.  It’s a great looking piece that adds a little color to your kit, keeping you warm and stylish.

The BlitzFeder shells, available in a vest or a jacket, are the ultimate layers to add to the Skin Foils and Intermediate combo.  Packable enough to tuck into the smallest of pockets yet sturdy enough to deliver the best wind protection around.  The snug fit prevents flapping in the wind and keeps your warmth close to your skin.  


To finish...

And the final piece of kit to add to the core collection is the Evo 7 Arm Warmer from ASSOS.  Designed to run with a short sleeve jersey, but still usable beneath a long sleeve with a base layer.  Start your ride off warm and peel them off once the day warms up a bit.  Pull them down for long climbs, pull them up before you had down. Pack them away once the morning warms up. They are an essential piece for riding year round in Northern California.

Check in next week for suggestions on choosing the best pieces for keeping your extremities comfortable for Fall riding in Northern California.