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- Ride With Studio Velo & Register Early -

If you have not signed up for The Jensie Gran Fondo of Marin you can here.
We are very excited to participate in The Jensie Gran Fondo of Marin and to raise money for the Marin County Bicycle Coalition. The SV crew will be riding different routes and we would love to ride with you.

Keep reading to see who is riding your route and how you can join us!

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Scott, Colin & Chris will all be riding different routes and would love for the SV community to ride with us. We do not want to leave anyone behind so please RSVP by emailing the respective ride leader for the route you have signed up for.

We will be donning the SV colors so make sure to rock your SV jerseys or kit with us!


Scott will be riding with the Founders Club, so please email him if you’ve signed up for the FC and would like to join him, alongside Jens for the initial roll out.

Chris will be leading a group around the Shut Up Legs course, so please email him if you’d like to ride with this group.

 Colin will be taking a group around the Presidential Loop, and if you’d like to ride with his group, please email him to coordinate.

All groups will be meeting at 7:30 at the SV Tent, adjacent to the Founders Club Tent, and rolling out at 8. 

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Register early & get a free coffee from Equator in downtown Mill Valley!

Come by Studio Velo on Friday, October 9th to register early & pick up your swag bags. If you arrive by bicycle we will give you a voucher for a free cold brew from Equator Coffee & Teas, on Jens.

We will be registering riders on Friday, October 9th from 12 noon til 8pm at Studio Velo in Mill Valley.

Catch Jens sometime between 12 noon and 3pm.