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Studio Velo and Strava work together to build a new social network for athletes.



Your Strava feed just got a lot better! We are excited to announce that Studio Velo will be one of the first beta testers for a new Strava feature that lets us post directly to our club members feeds. 



Join the Studio Velo Strava club and explore the new features with us! By joining you will get exclusive access to SV news, photos, ride announcements and other cool stuff that you just might not see anywhere else. Goodbye Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Join our community on Strava instead!



Community has always been the primary focus of the Studio Velo brand. From overseas cycling tours to Italy, Spain and beyond to weekly road, mountain and gravel rides, Studio Velo takes great pride in bringing people together for quality experiences.  The “new” Strava will allow us to share news, stories, photos, and more with our followers, all within Strava’s format of friendly competition.  



Strava's new features will allow you to set goals, track your progress, compete with other cyclists in the community, and stay up to date with the latest Studio Velo stories and events, all from the convenience of a single app! Join us as we explore these new features and benefits. Let’s continue to build our Studio Velo community together!


Join Studio Velo's Strava club:

  1. Go to https://www.strava.com/clubs/studio-velo
  2. Login with your existing Strava account or click 'Create Account' to setup a new one
  3. Once logged in, click 'Join Club'
  4. Voila, that's it! You will begin seeing Studio Velo posts in your activities feed


Join from your mobile device:

  1. Login to the Strava mobile app
  2. Click the 'Explore' icon 
  3. Select the 'Clubs' tab
  4. In the 'Find a club' section type  in 'Studio Velo', click search
  5. Select Studio Velo from the search results to view club
  6. Click 'Join'
  7. Voila, that's it! You will begin seeing Studio Velo posts in your activities feed


Questions? Email us at sales@studiovelocycling.com