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California Coast Ride - South Coast April  2013

Thank you! All of you, for managing a professional, safe, absolutely wonderful experience these past few days. As you all know I had my reservastions, but I am thrilled to have had the opportunity. Can't wait for the next one! 

Loring S


Hawaii Private, November 2013

What a great experience!  Luke's SAG support and encouragement, along with the guide services provided by Studio Velo founder, Scott Penzarella, made this a life-time riding experience. I would do it again and again. Haleakala was such an accomplishment, one which I will never forget. I highly recommend this trip. 

Thanks for everything Scott & Luke

Jerry Pannock 

Eastern Sierras, May 2012

What a great experience! You guys did a great job getting us about and you selected some incredible rides that will be unforgettable. Definitely want to stay up to date on your plans for future trips. Still many mountains I want to climb. Have to come back for Whitney portal and to retry a few others we did.

If any of you want to ride or set up a trip in the Blue Ridge, let me know. Very different than the Sierras, but plenty of impressive challenges out east.

All the best,
Rob Bennett

Just wanted you guys to know what a great experience it was! Absolutely amazing. I want to thank Scott, Chris and Ritchie for the best cycling experience I've ever had. The Eastern Sierras Trip was beyond anything I could have imagined. Well organized and supported, good food, good friends, and four days of incredible climbs with amazing vistas! A great personal challenge (275 miles and 36,150 vertical feet) and a whole lot of fun! Thanks again guys!

Dean Wilcox

Hi Scott. Great job by you, Chris, and Ritchie. The trip was very rewarding.

Just few words to thank you guys again for a great week-end on the bike. The organization of the trip was perfect and you guys make it look effortless when it actually requires so much work and preparation. Un grand merci again. Have a good week.

Hey, Guys-

Just a quick note to say thanks again for such an awesome trip last weekend.  I knew I would have a great time on the trip, but it is always exciting when something exceeds your expectations.

Thanks for putting 150% into everything you do, from the day-to-day, to special trips like this one.


California Coast Ride, April 2012

Just a short note of thanks for a terrific trip—super well done. Sometimes, the only way you know you are doing well, that nobody is complaining.
Wanted to be sure you had kudos/compliments instead, please pass along to all involved.
Again, thanks and best to all—Matt, best to you and Kelly on new arrival

Thomas Krummel, MD

One and all. Thanks for laying on the goods for the triple-decker this weekend. It was just terrific.

It was nice of Meredith to send me the note thanking me for pulling her into Cayucos. I also noticed that yesterday afternoon Scott was descending with more aplomb and confidence after my morning workshop with him. Michael M 

Dear Scott, Chris, Colin, Ritchie, and all the Studio Velo team:

Thank you so much for an extraordinary experience this past weekend. The Coast Ride 2012 was AWESOME! The support was AMAZING! The Sag Wagons were there all the time checking in on me, "Hey Mary Louise, how are you doing, do you need anything?" Wow. Ritchie, the food was terrific. I am not sure which was my favorite meal, but by far, my favorite dessert was those pastry filo dough rolls with nuts and dates or something with sugar and cinnamon that you had for us on Sunday lunch. I had four pieces and a couple of hours down the road was wishing I had stuffed a couple more in my bike shirt!

I especially want to compliment you on Saturday's route from Santa Cruz. That was a beautiful and the roads were good and quiet. Thank you for discovering that. And how incredible was lunch on the 17 mile drive! Scott, thank you for the "pull" into Big Sur, although I'm sorry about Tom. But I was so impressed by how you spent time with everyone, talking or riding, and I so appreciated your time with me "at the back". And thanks for immediately checking out my bike after my little spill. This trip has been an idea for me for quite a few years. So thank you all for helping to make it a reality. I know you worked really, really hard and it showed. You guys are the best.THANK YOU!!

Mary Louise

Thanks again for an awesome weekend. Ritchie, I am still raving about the great food.
I hope you guys had fun too.
Tom M

I can tell you that both as someone who doesn't cycle often nor as seriously (that will hopefully change) but more importantly, for one who is not a member of either [studio velo] or purplepatch, you all made an outsider like myself, feel quitewelcome.  I was very impressed with all the hard work you put into organizing the trip, the warmth and welcome from both Matt & Scott and the help & assistance ranging from the wonderful cuisine from Ritchie to the continual sag support from Donald to some of the other guides.

 A tremendous effort all around.  It's now motivated me to get some of those cool kits folks sported around the trip as well as replace my 10-yr old shoes with something a bit nicer!  

Michael L