KOM Challenge 2011 Participant Badges

KOM Challenge 2011 Participant BadgesThank you for participating in the 2011 Studio Velo KOM Challenge. Over 8000 riders participated from over 20 countries around the world, climbing an unbelievable number of of feet/meters . As a small token of appreciation for the hard-earned vertical you put in these past months, Studio Velo would like to present you with a commemorative 2011 KOM Badge/Patch that you can sew/iron-on/attach to whatever cycling artifact best shows the cycling world who you are and what you're made of.
The last day to order your badge is February 1! Remind any KOM Challenge riders you know.

Please fill out the information at the left and we will mail you one of four badges shown right. Choose one of the following;

- 100 Vertical Miles

- 100k Vertical Feet

- 100k Vertical Meters

-  Participant Patch

These are just four landmarks we established at the beginning of the challenge.  No doubt many of you have far exceeded these numbers. It's been an impressive year of climbing in all categories. 

We look forward to sponsoring a new challenge in 2012. Stay tuned for more information on what's coming in 2012.  And finish strong.  You still have over a week to reach your own personal goal!

Congratulations on a wonderful achievement!

We'd also like to take moment to thank our KOM Challenge sponsors. 

Capo, Lezyne, Independent Fabrication, Rudy Projects, Strava & Studio Velo all made significant contributions to this year's event. 

KOM Challenge 2011 Sponsor Logos 

From kegs of beer donated by Strava and Studio Velo to the club and bike shop winners each month, the thousands of dollars of clothing from our friends at Capo, the sun glasses and goodies from Rudy, and all of the great multi-tools from Lezyne, this year's event gave away nearly $50,000 in prizes, Strava Premium memberships, discount codes to clubs and so on. 

Thank you again!