Studio Velo's Top Marin Bike Rides

Some of the best road rides in any metropolitan area are found in the San Francisco Bay Area, and a large portion of them are in Marin County. All rides begin and end at our shop, Studio Velo in Mill Valley, CA.

Mt. Tam MTB Loop

This is an iconic Marin mountain bike ride. As the birthplace of the MTB, Mt. Tam has always been a proving ground for the latest MTB technologies and techniques. Ride the trails and fire roads of MTB legends such as Gary Fisher and Otis Guy. Mt. Tam MTB Loop ride details.

Muir Woods Loop

The Muir Loop is a must-do, local Marin County ride that we often refer to as the 'Studio Velo lunch ride'. At approximately 60 minutes in duration with about two thousand feet of climbing with no steep pitches, this ride can be done in either direction once you arrive to Four Corners. Muir Woods Loop ride details.

Stinson Beach Loop

This is another world-class ride that takes less than two hours and will blow your socks off. Incredible views, over 3K feet of climbing, and two silky smooth descents will make you wish this was your backyard evening ride. Stinson Beach Loop ride details.

Alpine Dam Loop

Alpine Dam Loop offers one of the most scenic rides in all of Marin. Meandering your way through some of Marin County’s most quaint towns (Larkspur, Kentfield, Ross, etc), on your way to some of the most fantastic climbs and epic scenery in southern Marin, the treasures and rewards of this ride are second to none. Alpine Dam Loop ride details.

Lucas Valley Loop

The ride, shaped like a lollipop on a map, breaks up into two main parts. The stick, to and from Fairfax, and the loop, which runs out Lucas Valley Road and into Nicasio Valley road and back to Fairfax along Sir Francis Drake makes ups this fun ride. Lucas Valley Loop ride details.

Marin Headlands Loop

Offering one of the most spectacular views of the famous Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, this relatively short pedal is a must-do Bay Area ride. Marin Headlands Loop ride details.

Pt. Reyes Limantour Loop

The many back roads of West Marin County offer up almost limitless route choices and accommodate all types of riding preferences. This ride combines a fairly easy, rolling hill beginning with a couple of classic Marin climbs for a challenging ending. Pt. Reyes Limantour Loop ride details.

Pt. Reyes Station Loop

On this ride you’ll have a chance to ride over and along the two largest ridges that define Marin’s western geography, with each straddling a side of the famous San Andreas earthquake fault. Pt. Reyes Station Loop ride details.