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Plan for Success

- Preparing for Your Mixed Terrain Ride -

 by Aaron Allen



Being prepared for mixed terrain riding requires more planning, tools, and supplies than your typical road ride. You need to know where you’re going, your available resources, and what to bring to keep every ride fun and safe.



Even though you will most likely be running tubeless tires, you’ll need a tube that will fit the larger tire volume just in case you do flat. Also bring along a tubeless patch kit or a Dynaplug kit. Aside from flat repair, you may find a multi tool that has a chain breaker  handy if you wind up way out in the middle of nowhere. Here’s a look at what SV partner and gravel-riding lover Chris Reed brings along… 



Then there’s understanding where you’re going, water stops, and food. Typically, when riding away from roads and people, you won’t find your typical conveniences as easily. Two full bottles and some food are always a good idea. Given you’ll be riding some bumpier terrain, ASSOS bibs and chamois cream will allow you to "suffer in comfort."




Planning your routes, like our Marin Classic Gravel Routes also requires a little forethought. 50 miles on mixed terrain tends to be more taxing than 50 miles on the road. Depending on where you end up, you may find steeper grades and with lower speeds. Make sure to give yourself a little more time to finish your mixed terrain ride.



We’re always happy to share our experiences with riding around here off the beaten path and we do ride mixed terrain on our Sunday group rides occasionally. If you don’t get the group ride email and would like to, click HERE.



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