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- An Incredible Year on the Bike-

SV chats with Bill Keller after 10,000 Miles and One Million Feet of Climbing



Bill Keller started off 2016 riding hard simply for the fun of it. Bill had climbed a million feet of vertical in a previous year, making him no stranger to setting and achieving lofty cycling goals. Because Bill started the year so strong, and knew he had multiple cycling trips to look forward to throughout the year, Bill came up with the ambitious goal of riding 10,000 miles and one million feet of vertical in a year.

To put those numbers in perspective, a million feet of vertical is the distance from the Earth's surface to the nearest orbiting satellite. 10,000 miles is enough to cross the United States more than three times. As you can see in the Strava stats at the bottom of this article, Bill did all this in 248 rides. Even if he had ridden everyday, Bill would still have to ride more than two hours every single day to stay on pace with 75-100,000 feet of vertical and 750-1,000 miles per month.

In order for Bill to achieve his goal, he stressed three essential components: the motivational power of cycling trips, bike maintenance, and high performance gear.



One of the biggest potential challenges for Bill was maintaining the motivation necessary to ride consistently enough to reach 10,000 miles and million feet of vertical in a year. Fortunately, Bill did not struggle to stay motivated as he had numerous SV:Travel trips to look forward to throughout the year. Bill traveled to the Eastern Sierras, CA, in the spring, Friuli, Italy, during the summer, and Steamboat Springs, CO, this past fall. Bill took full advantage of SV:Travel trips for the best riding experiences in some of the world's best cycling locations. Riding at cycling destinations can be the most enjoyable, but looking forward to trips can also provide motivation to stay fit and on pace with your goals while riding at home. In fact, Bill was so inspired by his travels this year that he recently ordered a Moots travel frame with couplers to allow him to easily bring his bike along for his travels. Of course, Bill is fortunate enough to call Marin County home and experience world-class riding right from his front door.



Bike maintenance is essential regardless of how much you ride, but it becomes especially important when laying down as many miles as Bill did. The simple tasks of cleaning and lubing his chain, checking tire pressure, and performing a quick safety check before every ride enabled Bill to successfully and safely achieve his goal. Bill did such a great job of maintaining his bike that in the 10,000 miles he rode, he didn't experience any major mechanical problems and only had three flat tires! Bill also dropped his bike at Studio Velo four times throughout the year for professional tune ups to keep it running in top condition.




Finally, Bill also stressed the importance of his riding gear in allowing him to achieve his goal. He emphasized that "having three to four good bibs to rotate out is essential." Bill can commonly be seen riding in Marin fully decked out in the best Studio Velo and ASSOS gear. Having the best shoes, helmet, clothing, and accessories for your riding style and body type are critical to maximizing performance and comfort. In addition to the clothes on his back, Bill adopted the practice of always riding with front and rear lights to help keep him safe. Prior to 2016, Bill had never ridden with lights, but knowing that 10,000 miles would mean a tremendous amount of time on the road, Bill opted for the added security of riding with lights.




Congratulations to Bill for riding 10,000 miles and climbing one million feet in 2016! Studio Velo is proud to have worked so closely with Bill. From both domestic and international cycling trips, regular and professional bike maintenance, and the best performing and most comfortable gear allowed Bill to achieve such an amazing milestone. We are Studio Velo are not worthy!  We are thrilled at Bill's success and are eager to inspire and assist as many cyclists as we can in 2017.

Whether you want to explore an SV:Travel adventure in 2017, seek out a new piece of gear from our vast, yet discerning selection of high performance gear, or improve your performance on your bike with a professional bike fit or service, we welcome you to come by the shop for a complimentary espresso and talking to us about your personal goals in 2017. 

See you out there!