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What to Expect

SV:Travel - What to Expect



SV:Travel strives to create a cycling experience which satisfies riders with a vast range of goals. For the those in search of blending cultural, culinary, and cycling experiences while surrounding yourself with friends, food and the finer things in life….we have you covered.


For riders seeking to challenge themselves on iconic climbs, descend famous passes and ride days worthy of Pro Tour stages, we have you covered too. And if you need a recovery day to take an easy spin and find the best local cafe, we know all the best spots. Each year we offer amazing rides that cater to different rider needs and abilities, both internationally and domestically. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our list of trips, let us know and we can put together the perfect custom trip for you and your friends.


To help you get a better understanding of what to expect when you join us for an SV:Travel experience, we have outlined some of the key components below.






SAG Support & On-The-Road Guides

For all Studio Velo trips, international and domestic, we have a minimum of 2 ride guides on the road at all times. While the guides are primarily present to help keep the group on route, each guide also brings a wealth of experience and knowledge. We encourage you to ask the team any questions you might have. Ever wondered how you might improve your cycling skills; curious about new bike industry trends, please ask us!


[Guides Chris and Scott, ready to ride in France, click HERE for information about this year's France trip]


Support And Gear (SAG) vehicle(s) are on the route with you for many reasons:
-Provide additional route and directional support
-Transport gear (we recommend bringing a small bag to keep in the van with a change of clothes and layers to easily change into as ride conditions change)
-Supply extra water and nutritional items through out the ride
-Transport riders (whether you need a boost up the last climb, prefer to skip the long descents, or if you opt for a rest day but still want to see the days scenery, the SAG vehicle is there for you!)


[Pit stop at Alpine Dam during one of the local tours]



Trip Ratings


Similar to our weekly group rides, we apply the Chili Pepper (CP) rating to our trips so you are able to gauge the anticipated pace for each adventure. On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 CP caters to beginner cyclists and 5 CP targets advanced/elite cyclists.


[Guide Chris offering some encouragement after a long, beautiful day of riding in France. Click HERE for information on this year's France trip]


With multiple ride guides on the road each day, most trips' rating will be a range. On any day, should the group vary in pace preference, the guides will be present to allow the group to break into various ride groups. This offers great flexibility to best accommodate everyone's comfort levels. You may opt to ride with the 3 CP group, or may prefer a more social pace with the 2 CP group. Combined with the SAG vehicle support, you will have the flexibility to truly customize your ride experience each day.


Chili Pepper RatingDescriptionRider TypeExample Trip or Route
5Race Pace and/or Extreme Endurance: Long, very hard back-to-back days.Elite Riders engaged in serious training including intervals, etc.Transpyre 
4Challenging, pushing limits: Long back-to-back days filled with climbing.Strong Riders and Aspiring Strong Riders.Eastern Sierra 
3Moderate Challenge: a mix of rolling hills and some climbing. Few back-to-back hard days.Capable Riders and those desiring to test themselves with a real cycling trip.Girona, Spain 
2Conversation-Paced: relaxed riding mostly comprised of rolling hills.Riders of almost any ability desiring a more relaxed pace and intensity.Paradise Loop 
1Beginner Clinics: designed to teach cycling fundamentals.New Riders welcome and encouragedSkills Clinic 



Daily Averages

Each trip's description will list key daily stats to help you gauge what to expect during the trip. Each trip will have optional rest days. These days allow those who are looking for more miles, the opportunity to push more and for those who prefer a day of rest or exploring in town, the time to relax. With daily SAG vehicle support, you will truly have the flexibility to make each day as long or as short as you prefer.

Below is an example of what a 2 to 3 chili pepper trip profile might look like:

Ride days: 7 (w/optional rest days)

Mileage: 25-75 miles daily (this will typically be a combination of 30 to 40 mile days paired with a few bigger 50 to 75 mile days.)

Elevation: 1,500-6,000 daily (On the bigger elevation days, there is always an option to utilize the SAG vehicle to catch a ride to the base of the climb, helping to save your energy for the scenic parts of the day/climb.)

Longest day: 75 miles (There will always be options to shorten the route, and if long miles is not what you are in the mood for, you might even opt to take a rest day)


[Eastern Sierra trip, click HERE for information on this year's trip]



Cultural Experience

We meticulously scout each destination for not only the best roads, but also the best experiences.  You’ll be treated to the quaint cafe’s serving the best espresso, off the beaten path lunch spots that only locals are privy to, and even guided tours of local town centers, uncovering cultural, historical and even culinary gems.  The SV:Travel experience extends well beyond just riding some of the best roads in the world. 



Build Community

​​When you travel with SV:Travel, you will likely be traveling with 10-12 other cyclists from the local bay area. After spending time riding and exploring as a group, it is very common for travelers to stay in touch upon their return. We have seen and are proud of the many long lasting friendships that have formed on Studio Velo trips.


[Guide Stephanie and guests enjoying the adventures in Steamboat Springs, CO. Click HERE for information about this year's trip]


Please feel free to email us or stop by the shop if you have any questions regarding our upcoming trips.


The 2018 trips are filling quickly, book your adventure today!